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Need help Setting up a Yu Gi Oh Tag Force HD MOD - elvisaaron - 03-25-2021 10:58 PM

Hello fellow graphic specialtists.

Im currently working on a Yu Gi Oh Tag Force 5 Graphics mod and im having struggles to implement the texture you see in the files right here.

if someone could help me i would be super glad.

Unedited layout that needs to be rebuilt

modded layout by myself yet (pic is a little bit buggy but i can fix that by myself)

RESULT INGAME : Here you can see the error on the Card Name i just dont know how to fix that i think it might has something to do with mip maps or so ? i just cant figure out how the dimensions are seperated by the game.

Have a Beautiful Day Guys !

#I Cant post with pics please add my discord


RE: Need help Setting up a Yu Gi Oh Tag Force HD MOD - ryuubu - 03-29-2021 10:53 PM

Can't see anything

upload pics to imgur or something

RE: Need help Setting up a Yu Gi Oh Tag Force HD MOD - eqprog - 04-01-2021 03:02 PM

(03-29-2021 10:53 PM)ryuubu Wrote:  Can't see anything

upload pics to imgur or something

They uploaded these on discord (I don't have enough posts yet to embed images either sadly)
"shiv discor Wrote:Original texture (this is how it was uploaded)

Their edited version

In-game render:

If you're using photoshop, my suggestion is to record a new action in which you create a set of rulers which outline the elements of the original texture.

If you don't know how to do this, here is a quick run down.

Turn on Rulers (Ctrl+R, or View > Rulers).
Make sure you set your Units to Percentage (Edit > Preferences > Units & Rulers) This is required.

You should now see "rulers" in the top and left borders of your canvas.

Open the Actions Panel (Alt + F9 or Window > Actions)

Press the + button in the Actions Panel to create a new action. Give it a useful name.

Press the circle button to begin recording your action.

I find it helpful to zoom in and enable the pixel grid for this part.

Click on the horizontal ruler and drag downward to create a guide. Keep dragging and align the guide with the horizontal borders of each section of the card.

Do the same with the vertical rulers.

Press the square button in the Actions panel to stop recording.

You should end up with something like this:

Now create a new document at whatever resolution you're scaling the card to.

Select the action you just recorded in the Actions panel, and press the Play button.

You should now have a blank document with guides outlining your template.
Notice how this document is scaled 4x.

Now, this isn't perfect. Its important to check the original texture and make sure you line things up down to the pixel level. If you look, the "padding" separating the different sections on the right hand side is 2 pixels. If you're doing a 4x upscale, make sure this padding is 8 pixels, etc.

If you look closely, you didn't align the sections properly and thats why you are getting weird results.