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Cant find limit fps to 60 option - Stoner - 03-14-2021 04:32 AM

I've looked everywhere and there is no such option as limit fps to 60 option. Can anyone help me with this please?. It's my first time playing on a emulator.

RE: Cant find limit fps to 60 option - Magichost - 03-24-2021 04:09 AM

Enable cheats in the menu then start the game. When in the game back out into the menu and select the cheats button. There you will find a slider to set your frame rate.

RE: Cant find limit fps to 60 option - LunaMoo - 03-24-2021 10:19 AM

No lol. That option in cheat menu only affects refresh rate of cheats.

Limit FPS to 60 was an option we had in the past that helped some games to run on weaker hardware and broke others, so it's no longer an option and where helped it's applied automatically by compat hacks. You don't need it and if you're looking for it by following some guide, stop as most performance guides for PPSSPP are made by idiots applying every game breaking hack and telling you it helps in all games without issues which is not true and all they care are views on their YT channel or whatever. Best settings are default ones, if your hardware really sucks, we do have speedhacks that might help, but are not free, often benefit is much smaller or none at all compared to it's cost and a lot of that differs between different hardware, so following other people settings is just a bad idea.