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Help me pls!! Monster hunter 3rd HD - Grafer95 - 02-21-2021 05:17 AM

Guys I have a code to change the appearance of the armor equipped by another, but it also affects the weapons, the problem is that it puts a skin on me for all the weapons and what I want is to know if someone can edit it if possible so that it doesn't affect the weapons

_C1 Layered Equipment
_L 0xE0230000 0x018530A0
_L 0x218530A0 0x20C10001
_L 0x218530A4 0x03F00011
_L 0x218530A8 0x0080FF09
_L 0x218530AC 0x003C0821
_L 0x218530B0 0x28230006
_L 0x218530B4 0x10600010
_L 0x218530B8 0x00013840
_L 0x218530BC 0x3C1B09F5
_L 0x218530C0 0x03673820
_L 0x218530C4 0x94E7483A
_L 0x218530C8 0x2CE303E8
_L 0x218530CC 0x1060000A
_L 0x218530D0 0x00073880
_L 0x218530D4 0x00071840
_L 0x218530D8 0x00E33820
_L 0x218530DC 0x00FB1820
_L 0x218530E0 0x9466FE16
_L 0x218530E4 0x10200004
_L 0x218530EC 0x0E217583
_L 0x218530F0 0x2025FFFF
_L 0x218530F4 0x94420002
_L 0x218530F8 0x0000FF10
_L 0x218530FC 0x03F00008
_L 0x20072730 0xA2000009
_L 0x2010B430 0x24060005
_L 0x200B706C 0x90BC008F
_L 0x2005E6C8 0x0A21A95A
_L 0x2005E6CC 0x00000000
_L 0x2006A498 0x24010000
_L 0x2006A49C 0x0E814C2B
_L 0x2006A4A0 0x03F00011
_L 0x2006A4A4 0x2403000C
_L 0x20069798 0x90BC008F
_L 0x200697B0 0x0A814C28
_L 0x20069598 0x0A

RE: Help me pls!! Monster hunter 3rd HD - Yog-Sothoth - 12-23-2021 04:47 PM

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