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PPSSPP issues or shitty laptop? - DrakDrak - 01-02-2021 03:14 AM

So I have a amd 9225 Radeon r4 laptop, on which I've recently installed ppsspp and have tried a few games. The issue is I'm consistently getting 3 to 5 fps in the games. I want to ask, is this an issue with ppsspp/settings or is my laptop just to shitty to run ppsspp?

RE: PPSSPP issues or shitty laptop? - LunaMoo - 01-03-2021 07:09 AM

What settings did you used? This is definitelly "shitty laptop", it's very low power designed for browsing the net or watching youtube at most and it might as well not be fast enough for that nowadays, but PPSSPP requirements are usually very low.

If you used somebody elses settings ie from youtube video or whatever, I'd recommend restoring settings to default(there's an option for that in system settings). Then try using D3D11 backend, if it's not set that way by default and change rendering resolution to x1. Also make sure to NEVER use texture upscaling since your laptop is just way too slow for that.

Finally understand that most PSP games are very light and should run fine even on such hardware, however some of the more popular games like God of War or Tekken might require much more powerful hardware. Overally games which natively ran at 60 fps have higher requirements so using fan made 30 fps patches can help a lot, but in the end you might as well limit yourself to playing less popular games which most of are locked to 30 fps and much less demanding to emulate.