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[GUIDE] PPSSPP (Android) Connect to Real PSP (2000/3000) with Pro Online Plugin - Hendrian Fajar - 12-24-2020 08:12 PM

first of all, sorry for my lack of English skill. I honestly come here writing this trying to help anyone from struggling like me a dummy of course.

ima jump straight to the point. since i found a lot of PPSSPP x PC playing together or PPSSPP (PC) x Real PSP but I'm having a hard time finding one with Real PSP x PPSSPP on Android. (i know, im rly bad at english so bear with me im gonna use "x" a lot)

Requirement :
- 2 Android Phones [Might work with iPhone (as long as you can change the hotspot security encryption mode to open or wpa)]
- 1 PSP with Pro CFW (im using Psp 3000 with CFW 660 Pro-C) (Why Pro C? because the Force High Memory Layout feature is available in VSH > Recovery Menu > Advanced )
- Any available PC or Laptop
- Pro Online Plugin

Setup :
- Come HERE to Learn how to setup Pro Online Plugin
- Delete the pspnet_miniupnc.prx inside kd folder
- Open seplugins folder and Edit the SERVER.txt with the ip of your PLAYING SIDE PHONE (ex. and HOTSPOT.txt with your SERVER SIDE PHONE SSID (Hotspot Name) (ex. MYHOTSPOT).
- Enable Force High Memory Layout you can find it by pressing Select button on your PSP and going to VSH > Recovery Menu > Advanced
- In the same Advanced option Disable Inferno & NP9660 Use ISO Cache
[if you need more information on setting up the Pro Online Plugin Please Come Here]

Now With The WLAN / AD HOC on The Android Side
-Turn On your phone hotspot (act as a server)
-Make sure you have an internet connection over wifi or data (else you won't find IP Address)
-You DONT have to install PPSSPP here
-Make sure the hotspot doesn't have any Security Encryption (usually its WPA2 by default for a modern phone but you can change it) except for WPA or Open (no password) [else your PSP couldn't connect to it (was frustrating for me)]

- Connect to your server phone Hotspot
- Start PPSSPP, go to Networking settings :
- enable networking
- enable the built-in ad hoc server
- write the IP address of your Phone [The Phone You're Gonna Playing With] (you can find it at Settings > About Phone > Phone information / Status) on the Pro ad Hoc Server Ip Address.

- Turn On WLAN Switch on top of your PSP
- Open Game with Available Multiplayer WLAN Feature (ex. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite)
- Wait till PLAYING SIDE PHONE Create WLAN Lobby (Entered Online Gathering Hall)
- Then Join In

There Are RULES
ON PPSSPP: create or host the game
ON PSP: join the game


SERVER SIDE PHONE (Hotspot) (Wifi/Data ON)
| |
PLAYING SIDE PHONE + Function as Host with PPSSPP
| |

(I know its weird why PLAYING SIDE PHONE cant Become SERVER at the same time right???)

*TIPS: Try Changeing Rendering Resolution in Graphic Setting on PPSSPP to Auto (1:1) and anti-aliasing to x16 it puts my PSP 3000 to shame, 700mb MHFU now looks AMAZING!

*NOTE: in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite online gathering hall other player may seems laggy, but when youre entering mission its not laggy at all, its just like playing PSP x PSP.

Please Correct me if you spot a mistake, again I write this as a guide to those who seek how to pair up Real PSP and Android PPSSPP to play together.

May This Tutorial Helps, Thankyou

RE: [GUIDE] PPSSPP (Android) Connect to Real PSP (2000/3000) with Pro Online Plugin - zakilj3 - 12-26-2020 12:15 AM

It sure is a good guide but there is just one problem and its that some game require for Android to use a port offset above 1024 however, port offset need to at 0 to be compatible with real psp so basically that mean there are few games that can be played between real psp and Android ppsspp