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HELP!!! - quickprofile - 12-20-2020 08:52 PM

Okay, I made this quick profile just to post a problem because I don't plan on staying long.

So I recently downloaded the PPSSPP emulator. Works great, no issues. Then I decided to download NFS: ProStreet out of this website, [REDACTED], because I can't do that fancy tech thing I forgot how to do.

So, first it was asking me if I wanted to enable the Autosave Feature. I said "Yes."

Then it asked me if I... wanted to continue without the Autosave? Strange. I just said "Yes". I answered this question with a "No".

Then when I pressed that "No", it just went back to where It asked me if I wanted to enable Autosave!

Maybe I downloaded the game wrong or maybe I didn't check if I somehow messed it up, but I'm in some deep problems over here. I've even looked if anyone else had this problem, but no! They can play 100% fine! This error also happened when I tried to play Tiger Woods PGA Tour. Can someone please help me?!?

(plus, this is my first time using an emulator.)

RE: HELP!!! - CyberMan - 12-22-2020 08:12 PM

The speech about piracy is not allowed here. Link deleted. Thread closed.