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Naruto Impact - Upscaling Texture Pack. - Verymelon Benda - 07-10-2020 05:34 AM

[Image: Zombo-Droid-29062020040732.jpg]

Upscaling x4 textures pack for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact, I made from US region (ULUS-10582) but it should work for all region zone too. Big Grin

√ Latest Update 08/07/2020
√ Overall Progress 95%

Comparison Shots:

[Image: Zombo-Droid-10072020083918.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-29062020040820.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-10072020085859.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-10072020093900.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-10072020093940.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-10072020084301.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-10072020084040.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-10072020085953.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-29062020040851.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-10072020082810.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-29062020041049.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-29062020041028.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-29062020040947.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-29062020040837.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-29062020041119.jpg]
[Image: Zombo-Droid-29062020040804.jpg]

and more screenshots...


Download Texture Pack from Github here...

Download Texture Pack from Google drive here...

Use PPSSPP latest git build version from here…

How to install texture pack? -- Just drag & drop into PPSSPP. Smile


RE: Naruto Impact - Upscaling Texture Pack. - EXDEATH - 08-04-2020 11:27 AM

Thou I haven't played Impact because I don't have a copy of the game, I can pretty much say that it looks awesome. May I ask if you will also make a texture mod for Tekken 5 DR?

RE: Naruto Impact - Upscaling Texture Pack. - JellyCandy - 09-09-2020 07:53 PM

Wow! This looks awesome. Keep up the good work.

RE: Naruto Impact - Upscaling Texture Pack. - zerr10 - 01-12-2022 08:40 PM

question at the beginning of Jiraiya's photo is weird or is it a side effect of textures? bug? etc.

Jiraiya's face is distorted in the photo during the first naruto mission is that a bug?

This is normal ?

RE: Naruto Impact - Upscaling Texture Pack. - lilcory2000 - 01-15-2022 09:20 AM

Hey man love your work was hoping you could give the one piece game on psp a hd texture pack or maybe or maybe twisted metal head on or the 2.5 d naruto and dragon ball games on psp again love your work