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Daxter HD HUD (WIP) - ArMM1998 - 06-12-2020 02:34 AM

Hello everyone, i made a texture pack for Daxter that replaces the HUD textures for HD recreations by me.

The texture pack is not complete since it's missing a few icons for things like enemies, dream sequences (honestly i have no idea how i would even go about doing those) and some objectives.
It's also missing font textures for cutscenes. For some reason the game uses a separate font texture for every single cutscene and it would take some time to get all of them...

It probably won't work for other languages as they probably use a different font texture


Place the 'TEXTURES' folder on 'memstick\PSP' inside your ppsspp installation folder


[Image: Aljo7Vd.png]
[Image: 56IyjIo.png]

[Image: Z205flc.png] [Image: fBAoUec.png]

[Image: nc1YL4r.png]
[Image: F18YMti.png]

EDIT by Moderator: Fixed the download link.

RE: Daxter HD HUD (WIP) - LunaMoo - 06-13-2020 06:24 AM

Address is not hash, if hash would be different, ignoring address would still dump different files. Also that setting does not work with Quick hash methods, if you'd like to ignore address you'd have to use xxh64 or xxh32 and start from scratch.