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Crossplay with PSP and external PC - darkhawkinvc - 06-07-2020 07:29 PM

so I basicly want to play MHFU with my friend and my brother, my brother on PSP, my friend on PC from his place and me on PC in the same Network as my brother. I got the Crossplay in my Network working but if my friend wants to join it won't work obviously.

If I play with my brother (PSP) my friend can't join because he can't connect because I'm running the Addhoc server on the Network internel IP my router gave me.

If I want to play with my friend we use Hamachi and it runs over the Hamachi IP, which the PSP can't connect to.

Is there a way both can join? I thought if my friend could join my Network and be given an IP by my Router he should be able to join us. So basicly something similar to Hamachi but without the Hamachi IP. Is there a program we could accomplish that with?