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MAME on PPSSPP please help - Dazman - 05-22-2020 11:57 AM

Please can anyone help me to get MAME to run on my Windows 10 PPSSPP setup.

I have a PSP and use MAME4ALL V4.9R2 USERMODE (Works Great)

I have lots of other emulators C64,LYNX,SNES etc. and they all work on PPSSPP. MAME if the only one left to get to work.

When i open MAME i just get a black screen.

I have tried every PSP version of mame and they all do the same.

I have also tried early builds of PPSSPP and one versio did load PSP MAME to the menu but died when you select run a game.

I have tried changing many settings and had no joy yet it does say it works in the spread sheet.

RE: MAME on PPSSPP please help - LunaMoo - 05-23-2020 09:24 AM

Make sure you have it inside PSP/GAME folder as it's required for homebrew to get a valid (fake)gameID and most features require it and also switch to software renderer as many homebrew emulators(especially their menus) are really bad and just copy bytes to Vram instead of properly rendering, this will never work under hardware API's, that's why software renderer is required.

RE: MAME on PPSSPP please help - Tyg3rFvry - 05-26-2020 10:35 PM

Upload game to PSP/GAME folder in main device storage drive otherwise it won't run properly