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xperia play has died - xperiaplay2someday - 04-15-2013 11:36 PM

So the dreaded moment for me has come...i can no longer use my xperia play as my daily phone. The power/lock&unlock had slowly got worse sometimes taken 6-9 times to finally work.

Eventually it totally stopped working. At first it was ok, found out I can use the home button to unlock(wish I knew before to save wear) but it only unlock doesnt lock(is ok set the timeout to 15secs but worst and most breaking of all is there is now no power button.

So I just made sure never to power off but then I found a glitch or something when downloading a patapon save from gamefaqs and it made my phone turn off booting the game Sad And I cannot turn it on agian...

Googled the problem apparently its semi common, I know theres a lot of xperia players here I suggest you start using home to unlock to save wear!

I have the screwdriver to take it apart ill update if I can turn it on

Edit: Im debating a upgraded to galaxy s4 but will prob get another play unless dolphin really works good. Im satisfied with my play'd performance despite being from late 2010

RE: xperia play has died - sfageas - 04-16-2013 01:25 AM

im sorry to hear that for your phone,have you tried a phew solutions?xda developers forum saved me from many troubles,if your phone is rooted take a look here i dont know if it helps

RE: xperia play has died - EvilKingStan - 04-16-2013 08:20 PM

How terribly awful for you. You have my sympathy. I absolutely love my Play and couldn't dream of using a different daily phone. People criticize; low ram, small internal memory, bad hardware, etc. pfffft... Never had a problem with it. And after rooting to remove the bloatware, it's perfect for me. Best part is, it's an emulation dream machine because of the glorious controller. Even if I did for some reason change daily phones, I would keep this phone just as a game device. I do hope Sony makes an XPlay 2 however, with as much dedication and effort as they put into the Xperia Z. THAT, would be a kickass phone that I would willingly trade up for. I hope you can repair it. May the Force be with you, and your phone.

RE: xperia play has died - xperiaplay2someday - 04-17-2013 04:28 AM

Thanks for the kind words.Even though I cant use it as a daily phone because my job requires constant communication with it all day,im definatlly keeping it as a gaming device it is without a doubt the best portable emu machine

I have some good news if it ever happens to you,

I unscrwed all the visable screws on the back including under the battery. I still couldnt pull it apart(probably tabbedd in somewhere) but it let me pull the right corner back a little, and I noticed the button felt better after a little messing with it, so I put the battery in and it started up! Felt so much better I risked turning it off agian to screw it together and it started up fine agian!

So I can now turn it on to use it as a emu machine thank god, like I said my work a phone is very important so I cant even risk it turning off agian on me, if it does im pretty sure my power button will work now but still cant risk it.

Kind of sucked today where on my current replacement which is not android or ios thats how old it is, I was browsing the forum and read fat princess works much better then had a fat 30min lull in my work with nothing too do without my play... I used to think it was so cool having my portable console my work phone(personal as well)

I cant imagine not having tactile buttons, I was messing around touchscreen only to see it I maybe should get the S4, or xperia Z but it feels very unconsole like. Heres hoping for a xperia play Z or something from China at least


RE: xperia play has died - VIRGIN KLM - 04-17-2013 05:57 AM

If you had USB debugging options on you could turn it on via ADB. Worked on my HTC EVO 3D after it entered a weird wardware bug that refuses to get input from physical buttons. You can also flash a kernel that you can remap the button to a different one or change it's functionality, like swapping the Search button that is soooo unuseful with Power button. I think you can also do it on recovery if you are rooted with stock kernel. Do it!

RE: xperia play has died - xperiaplay2someday - 04-18-2013 06:07 AM

Im not rooted but probably will root to switch my power button to search. And get rid of this boring replacement

I have use debugging enabled do I need root to power on thru abd?

Id rather not root because I cant overclock without a custom kernal and im a little lost on what im backing up. Thanks for responding

RE: xperia play has died - VIRGIN KLM - 04-18-2013 07:36 AM

I think you don't need to be rooted to push a wake up through ADB, it's just that it needs to be enabled so you must be sure you had it enabled before your button died.

Costum Kernels and rooting are 2 totaly unrelated things, it's up to the ROM.

My suggestion because a friend had that phone and asked me to do whatever I can to improve it is, Unlock the bootloader with Flashtool, and then install a new ICS or JB rom to it that doesn't break anything XPERIA Play related (there are alot of ROMs that do that) or root your stock ROM. I'd call mandatory all those stuff for Xperia Play.