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Android 10 audio crackle - Dominique DB - 01-25-2020 12:27 PM

My phone (nokia 6.1) just updated to android 10, I did a factory reset, installed ppsspp again and a problem presented itself.
There is a crackling in the sound, both when selecting games and while playing.
And I'm getting the running slow warning, but it's not actually running slow.

Is there a known solution?

RE: Android 10 audio crackle - LunaMoo - 01-25-2020 07:47 PM

"Running slow" is not how you subjectively feel about it, but it means the game runs under 100% speed. You have to run the game at 100% speed all the time without any drops for the sound to be produced properly.

Your phone is either too weak to run the game you're trying to play(each game has different requirements and most popular ones are also very demanding) or it has weird LCD with low refresh rate. Frameskip can help in both of those situations.

If it started to run slow only after android update then your phone most likely runs slower with the newer android version, potentially by more restrictive power saving or by worse graphics drivers.

RE: Android 10 audio crackle - Dominique DB - 01-25-2020 08:48 PM

Hello lunamoo, it's really just the sound, everything else runs like before my update (fps counter is visible and running at 100%), even in the game selecting menu the sound crackling is present. You can hear it in the YouTube video I posted.

I know that this is not a ppsspp problem but a nokia Android 10 problem with all games, not just ppsspp (most Nokia models have this same issue since updating, also essential had the same but have gotten a patch).

I was hoping there was a way to solve this in ppsspp, music plays fine, just games get this crackling noise.

RE: Android 10 audio crackle - Dominique DB - 01-27-2020 08:01 PM

I've had my phone downgraded to android 9, and will only go back to android 10 if this problem is resolved by nokia, the helpdesk said they would try to deliver the solution with the January security update, but no guaranties. I paid €7.50 / $8 for the downgrade service on techmesto, and could not be happier, now I understand why Narender came so highly recommended on xda and other forums. So to all nokia owners, wait for the solution from nokia or get a downgrade to android 9.

RE: Android 10 audio crackle - ^Nerd - 06-26-2020 12:15 PM

Hey Dominique DB,

has the problem already been resolved by nokia? So is it possible to install Android 10 wihtout having any Sound problems?


RE: Android 10 audio crackle - HypatiaLaelia - 06-30-2021 02:18 AM

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