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Controller setup works 90% - CoreyD - 01-23-2020 08:27 PM

Short version: Controller setup only accepts half of my joystick input.

Details: I've been using a generic controller setup (gamecube input with GCN input translation) for steam and the Dolphin emulator, and it's been working great. Dolphin not supporting psp games, I found PPSSPP to be a great platform so far. I mapped all my control buttons fine and have played my first game without issue, but when I tried to throw in joystick controls (just for comfort, I know it will still be 8-directional), it will only accept the UP and RIGHT directions, not DOWN or LEFT. I've double checked in dolphin and can see all directions are physically working, they just don't seem to register in PPSSPP. Am I just out of luck for translating a joystick to dpad input? Any thoughts or solutions would be appreciated.