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All files gone :(Android 7.1.2 Miui - qwer4321 - 02-13-2019 08:12 PM

Not related to PPSSPP itself.

I get this bug multiple times now - All files from PPSSPP folder are gone (*.ini; savestates; *.iso; *.cso). The effect is the same as if I press "Clear Program cache" manually.
Also all files from Drastic folder gone, offline translator incidentally loose it vocabulary, etc.

1.I think what - AndroidOS somehow decide to free some space - and it delete cache of random nonsystem programs.
2.Maybe it's somehow connected to "Adopted Storage"
3.Maybe it's doesn't like what I reboot my phone while program was still in background.
4. Maybe it's some activity of other virus like program - which I gave read/write memory permission.

All I asking - can we mark PPSSPP folder NOT as cache folder - but just some usual folder created by user. If not in main branch - can I edit some *.xml's in APK to do the same?
Then this folder will not be deleted by this random clearcache error.