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PSP PDA and PSPwrite Have some flickering issue - DaN1ce - 02-12-2019 05:01 AM

It is so buggy when I choose PSP PDA and PSPwrite on the emulator, but I have no flickering issue on a Real psp. Here is the Video I wanted to show you the buggy flickers:
(sorry for low quality because this forum doesn't allow image and Video links)


(please note that PSPPDA not just crashed in the emulator itself, but the app also crashed on my real PSP 2000 whenever I choose Picture and Music.)

Here's another picture I wanted to show you:

Notice that the bottom (PPSSPP) flickers while not selecting.

RE: PSP PDA and PSPwrite Have some flickering issue - qwer4321 - 02-13-2019 07:52 PM

UnrealSpeccy portable - have the same issue.
Not video flickering - just audio microhang (click) every 2-3 sec.

Even it is audio - I think this bugs are common.

RE: PSP PDA and PSPwrite Have some flickering issue - LunaMoo - 02-13-2019 11:16 PM

@DaN1ce first of all this is wrong subforum, Homebrew Software - Results is the correct one for all homebrew stuff.

Also take note that many homebrew (and like 1 awful port of some old fighting game which was actually emulated instead of being properly ported) draw graphics in a way that's impossible to render with modern API's like OGL/Vulkan/D3D, even if you could render it properly it would be by means that would make it much slower than the actual software rasterizer which already will display such graphics correctly.

Unfortunately software rendering is veeeeeery slow and requires powerful multicore desktop pc most of the time, so it was hidden on mobile devices, it still can be used through manual ppsspp.ini edit, by finding "SoftwareRenderer = False" under "[Graphics]" and changing it to "SoftwareRenderer = True" and might be even fine with simpler graphics, but better if you find a native software optimized for your phone that does the thing you wish to obtain. Most homebrew made for PSP are completely useless and awful, it might had been great to enhance a real PSP when people used it as their only mobile platform, it was certainly also a great way to learn something new while creating such software, but all modern platforms have much better alternatives to pretty much everything that PSP homebrew did.