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Missing Vulcan Kingdom Hearts BBS - KatSs - 07-29-2018 05:57 AM

Hi everyone! Kinda new lol and idk how to fix pc problems very well lmaooooo but I’ve just downloaded the PPSSPP and KHS:BBS.

However, every time I enter the scene right before the boss battle with Magic Mirror (in the Snow White world), the game freezes and says “Missing Vulcan Error.”

I’ve had this happen before (which is ok lmao) but for this particular boss, it just never stops. So I tried to just skip the scene and battle the Magic Mirror to see how everything turns out. However, once I defeat the boss, it immediately stops again. It’s starting to make me think I won’t be able to go past this portion -_-.

It could be from the graphics right? Idk but this boss has a rlly funky looking battle area. Pls lmk if you have any insight in fixing this problem! All is appreciated! Smile