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Vanguard - jamyskis - 06-27-2018 06:56 AM

Title: Vanguard
Genre: Arcade emulation, shoot-em-up
Region: EU
Format: EBOOT (PBP)
Version: v.1.6.3
Game ID: NPEZ00288
OS: Windows 10 Home
Compatability (Intro, Menus, Ingame, Playable, Perfect): Perfect

Notes: The game will work fine in native PSP resolution, but selecting stretched mode in game makes the scaling look incredibly ugly. This problem can be fixed by setting Auto resolution in PPSSPP, which gives you almost pixel perfect scaling in stretched mode - obviously the higher the host resolution, the more precise the scaling. It's worth noting that this applies to pretty much all of the SNK minis.

Game in "Normal" mode, scales perfectly to PSP resolution but leaves a huge border.

Game in "Stretched" mode, scales inelegantly to PSP resolution.

Game in "Stretched" mode, scaled to native host resolution, more elegant scaling.

Just realised that this one belong in the Minis sub-forum, feel free to move it there.