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A warm hellou followed by a cry for help! - IvanBelic89 - 06-24-2018 07:51 AM

Greetings proud people of PPSSPP across the world!
I just joined this fancy friendly place and would like to express my thanks for the chance to bring my PSP days back to life again!
It's an honor to be here!
-Now comes my cry for help;
I've been enjoying emulators for a very long time and rarely had any problems using them, this emulator is by far the prettiest and trickiest also!

Im trying to play Corpse Party, but oh my god the game will not see my saved games no matter what!
-I downloaded 1.5.4 stable zip version, unzipped at my 2nd HDD where all my games are located (D\)
-unchecked the 2 boxes for the my documents saves and installed.txt saves;
emulator created the memstick folder etc...

i hope i got all that right, and yet later when i try to load my game there arent any saved files..
-then i tried the "my documents" option (moving everything to that folder)
-after that i tried the "installed.txt" option (moved eveything back to root)
but not even then will the game see my saved games,
-Could this be a game specific related issue, does this game only work using save states? Or am i just missing a basic step for setting up my saved games? Or maybe my Windows10 has something to do with that?
Not sure if that is relevant to mention cause the game runs flawlessly! Smile

Also i never used save states and i hope i don't have to be forced to use them here Smile Thank you in advance!

RE: A warm hellou followed by a cry for help! - Asferot - 06-24-2018 09:00 AM

Did you check if the game actually is making the save files and not just empty folders?

Also. There is nothing you need to set up for game to save.

And, Im probably misremembering, but I think Corpse Party games had some problems on PPSSPP.
I could be wrong tho.

RE: A warm hellou followed by a cry for help! - [Unknown] - 06-24-2018 04:56 PM

A few ideas:

1. The saves will normally be in files, like memstick/PSP/SAVEDATA/ + game's id for the save + / + some data file name. Example: memstick/PSP/SAVEDATA/ULUS12345001/DATA.BIN - is that how you have them? Sometimes people put DATA.BIN directly in SAVEDATA, or don't name the folder exactly right. The game won't detect saves that don't use exactly its ID for the save.

2. Try using 1.6.3. It's now the latest stable version, and it's better and faster.

3. Is this when you try to start a new game inside PPSSPP, and then save? Or are you using saves from a PSP? We tried to fix all the bugs relating to PSP/PPSSPP save compatibility, but it could be you found another one that hasn't been reported yet. If saves from PPSSPP work, and only PSP saves don't, that might be the case.

4. If you right click the PPSSPP program, and select Properties - make sure that it doesn't have "Compatibility Mode" enabled. PPSSPP is very compatible, but Compatibility Mode can cause problems like this.