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iphone x screen issue - 1nl0v3 - 06-11-2018 11:22 AM

Hi everyone. Im running ios 11.3.1 non jail and version of ppsspp 1.6.2-17. Got an issue - cant find out how to make it full screen without black sides.
My settings are below
Thx for help

RE: iphone x screen issue - GuilhermeGS2 - 06-11-2018 11:37 AM


RE: iphone x screen issue - snik_rpd - 06-17-2018 04:39 PM

Me too Sad
Since they released the new version (1.6.x) we do not have full screen on iphone x.
I'm looking forward to this being corrected to prove everything that the 1.6.X version promises!!!