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GPD XD+ PPSSPP performance ? - Nickie - 04-13-2018 06:37 PM

hey, guys !

as the new GPD XD+ is coming out now, i'm wondering if it's MTK8176 SoC has hopes of ever running PSP fullspeed reliably ?

or should GPD have thrown something bigger in their + version to make it PSP proof?

RE: GPD XD+ PPSSPP performance ? - LG Fanatic - 04-19-2018 09:43 PM

The specs are not too bad. With the new Opengl threading code in the latest ppsspp builds, it should be able to play most PSP games well. It's a nice looking device. Almost like a 3DS for android.

RE: GPD XD+ PPSSPP performance ? - Nickie - 04-20-2018 06:46 AM

yes it's basically a new3dsXL clone case-wise but that makes it's ergonomics perfect for games and pocketability ,
but the original version was limited by it's android version and performance for emulating >32bit systems ...

but if the new one can finally run OutRun2 and others, i may well spend the money Big Grin

[edit] oh i see, i tried the latest non-playstore versions on my snapdragon 801 tablet and it's almost playable now, pretty nice progress indeed .... but i wonder how it translates to the MTK8176 tho Big Grin

RE: GPD XD+ PPSSPP performance ? - TkSilver - 04-20-2018 07:30 PM

the 801 is still about 20ish % faster in single threaded or mostly single threaded applications. so the OpenGL code will help the GPU work better but the CPU is still under powered compared to the 801. What does this mean... Well low to medium demanding titles should run well, while highly demanding titles will probably still struggle and not maintain full speed all the time or even most of the time depending on the title.

Dolphin will also still probably not be a great improvement, but it will at least run since it is a 64bit CPU. PS1 should be fine and DS should work well if your using Drastic. other systems will probably vary like they always have depending more on the emulator then the system.

RE: GPD XD+ PPSSPP performance ? - Nickie - 04-20-2018 07:41 PM

damn i didn't expect that updated SoC to be so outdated Tongue

i'm surprised to hear that the MTK is still 20% slower CPU-wise, i kinda assumed it had to be beefier due to being newer alone ...
but still my 801 is really ancient, and i thought it's main problem was the adreno's driver overhead bottlenecking PPSSPP's performance so maybe at least the MTK solves that ? still sounds disapointing tho Tongue

RE: GPD XD+ PPSSPP performance ? - fivefeet8 - 04-21-2018 04:03 AM

There are some videos of the device running various games with PPSSPP on youtube. Most less demanding game will run fine, but heavier games will not.

RE: GPD XD+ PPSSPP performance ? - TkSilver - 04-21-2018 03:27 PM

Inactually find it impressive that a SoC that goes in devices 1\4 the price that the 800 series did is getting so close. Add in the fact that on multithreaded workloads it is actually faster in some cases and I can't help but admire the manufacturer I once though I would never buy a product with it in it.

Also keep in mind on android you need a really powerful chip to handle demanding titles amd even most of those can't always run the highes demanding titles at full speed reliably all the time. X86 based computers are able to do it much better, but you generally sacrifice portability for power.