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Birth by Sleep HD ReMix Project V1(18/07/2019) - AkiraJkr - 03-15-2018 06:10 PM

[Image: ZxKxusb.png]]

Portuguese-Brazilian | Português-Brasileiro

[Image: 6hsKJwv.png]
This is an HD Texture Pack for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. This is made by fans, aiming to bring a higher quality time with playing this game on a PC with the PPSSPP emulator.
Not possible on a real PSP.
It's also compatible with the non-Final Mix, EUR/USA versions of the game.
(If no video appears below, please enable non-safe scripts on your Chrome browser.)

What was made soo far:

Unversed and Heartless = 100%
-Fonts and subtitles, crafted by hououin_kyouma = 100%
-HUD: Shotlock, portraits for Ventus/Aqua/Terra, Bars, etc = 100%
-UI: General = 80%
-Pause Menu = 100%
-Title Screen, Character Selection and Trinity Archives = 100%
-The Main Menu (Final Mix and non-Final Mix) = 100%
-Reports and Sticker Album = 100%
-D-Links and Command Styles = 100%
-Normal and Detailed(Real Eye/Mouth Animation) models for all characters. Eye/Lips for normal models are still problematic to implement. If anyone can solve it, tell me. = 100%?
-Keyblades(Terra's Ends of Earth remade from their KH2 model by ZeroFX) = 100%

The Land of Departure - Complete/100%
Mirage Arena - Incomplete/60%
Enchanted Dominion - Complete/100%
Dwarf Woodlands - Complete/100%
Castle of Dreams - Complete/100%
Radiant Garden - Complete/100%
Disney Town - Complete/99%
Deep Space - Complete/80%
Olympus Coliseum - Complete/100%
Neverland - Complete/100%
Destiny Islands - Complete/100%
Mysterious Tower - Complete/100%
Keyblade Graveyard - Complete/100%

Realm of Darkness - None/0%?
Obsolete/Archived Album:
Updated Comparison Album:

Site to compare yourself:

A decent GPU
PPSSPP Latest or Dev Build
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix - English Patched by KeytoTruth
The original Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
(Not much was done for this version of the game.)

Recommended Options:

Any Rendering Backend
Any resolution you prefer to play at, but I recommend a minimum of 4x PSP.
Default everything
Do NOT enable emulator's native texture scaling. I REPEAT. DO NOT.
Anisotropic 16X. It doesn't hurt performance. Keep Texture Filtering on AUTO. DO NOT CHANGE THIS. Wait for 1.6.1+


[Image: O1Ylsef.png]

Please for the love of hearts, DELETE the previous folder when updating, or issues and file size increase may occur!



[Image: p38Brpr.png]

The instructions were moved to a better, more organized place, on the link below.

[Image: GrFPRKr.png]

You can swap Aqua's model to the 2.5 version in the Patches folder.

Featuring Button Swapping Textures. Does not come with keybinds. Check The Bonus Folder.

Extra Download - Aqua Pre-Censor 3X: It's now on the The Bonus Folder in GitHub

Playing in 60 FPS and/or with Japanese Voices:

Step 1: Go to Settings ---> System and turn on [Enable cheats].

Step 2: Go back to the pause menu(Or unpause then pause), press [Cheats], [Edit cheat file] and input the following on the text file. Then Save and Restart PSP.

_C0 60 FPS Mode
_L 0x21725EC8 0x00000000
_C0 Japanese Language
_L 0x0035B02E 0x00000001

Step 3: Go back to [Cheats] in the pause menu and enable what you want. Enjoy.

NOTE: This does NOT break the game. Use it freely.


[Image: IRqvaFr.png]


Latest Version: Check GitHub from now on for updates, and when the latest version is released!

Project created by AkiraJkr

Original Creators: AkiraJkr & hououin_kyouma(Yes.)
Assistant: murakemi
World Logos Upscaler # Forum Thread Design: Reidron
2.5 Dumping and Main Upscaling Assistant: ZeroFX

Special Thanks to:

Original Creators: AkiraJkr & hououin_kyouma(Yes)
Assistants: murakemi and ZeroFX
World Logos Upscaler and Forum Thread Design: Reidron
2.5 Dumping and Main Upscaling Assistant: ZeroFX
Patching in 1.4.0 and Helping with it: Truthkey|KeyToTruth

Special Thanks to:

hououin_kyouma(Custom font, teaching texture replacement)
ZeroFX(redoing Terra's Ends of Earth from the KH2 model and the videos on YouTube)
Stella(KH Reddit Discord - Sticker Album Photo)
TheGordinhoOchinchin(For helping when the 2.5 Dumper wasn't avaiable.)
Truthkey|KeytoTruth(For specific explanations and for the Modding Station)
Square Enix and Disney for making this game possible, as this is my introduction to the Kingdom Hearts series! And also for the 2.5 assets.

Please do check houoin_kyouma's Persona 3 Portable HD Textures and support his work, he's doing an AWESOME job at it!

You are free to take contents from this project as long as you have no intent of stealing content, or giving no credits, and will drop a link here as a source for your own projects. Just go wild. *wink*
And feel free to post here, I'll be happy to create a list of mods here.


Smaller Portraits for Ven/Terra by Devina

RE: Birth by Sleep HD ReMix Project V1 - Verymelon Benda - 05-18-2018 08:31 PM

Excuse me, Can i ask?
I try on PC is work, but on Android don't work, why?

Thank you for your hardwork, sir. Smile

RE: Birth by Sleep HD ReMix Project V1 - AkiraJkr - 05-27-2018 04:52 AM

I am not soo sure what is the cause of this behaviour. This may be something worth issuing on GitHub, as it seems only my pack has this problem, DESPITE WORKING PERFECTLY on Windows. I'll see what it is about.

Also, I appreciate it. I hope your issue is solved soon. Here

RE: Birth by Sleep HD ReMix Project V1 - Verymelon Benda - 05-27-2018 08:16 AM

OK, I look into soon, thanks. Big Grin

RE: Birth by Sleep HD ReMix Project V1 - AkiraJkr - 05-27-2018 02:18 PM

Well, I made the changes, just download the textures.ini and your issue should be fixed for now. Thanks for looking over at it.

RE: Birth by Sleep HD ReMix Project V1 - Verymelon Benda - 05-29-2018 02:11 AM

It's working for android now, thank you again. Smile

RE: Birth by Sleep HD ReMix Project V1 - TonioPSP - 06-10-2018 12:57 PM

Thank you for the pack!

How did you dump them from 2.5?! Do you happen to have KH2FM textures as well? Anyway I could have a look at them?

RE: Birth by Sleep HD ReMix Project V1 - AkiraJkr - 06-11-2018 01:21 AM

Yes. 2.5, but the KH2FM textures weren't taken. Only BBS.

RE: Birth by Sleep HD ReMix Project V1 - BestVentusTailand - 06-16-2018 02:20 PM

Hey bro I just downloaded the mod and it's pretty cool, but I don't know why the menu is still in the older version ( imgur com/a/YYjYOC8 ) I'm using 1.6.3 PPSSPP and the english version by keytotruth. For example the reports menu works properly (Or I guess that xD) ( imgur com/a/x3x2iRm ) I tried create new game, use other characters, nothing changes, all works properly except that. Thanks for ur time!

RE: Birth by Sleep HD ReMix Project V1 - AkiraJkr - 06-19-2018 09:59 PM

That's weird. Are you using savestates or something? I can't reproduce here both on 1.6.3 release and the dev builds. ( )

Also, did you make sure nothing was deleted? A single file deleted could cause trouble, and a single change to the .ini could break everything.

RE: Birth by Sleep HD ReMix Project V1 - Parallaxed - 07-01-2018 06:02 PM

Heey, same problem for me. Most textures are being replaced, however the menu and command wheel aren't being swapped over. Maybe you've provided an old ini?

RE: Birth by Sleep HD ReMix Project V1 - AkiraJkr - 07-03-2018 02:58 AM

Are you sure it's not working, even on the latest? I'll see what is going on if possible. Everything is supposed to work normally.

EDIT: It seems I can't reproduce this, no matter what I do, perhaps you guys are using a build that breaks the pack? Or forgot to update/didn't delete everything?

RE: Birth by Sleep HD ReMix Project V1 - Parallaxed - 07-03-2018 03:05 PM

Yep! I downloaded the latest PPSSPP build (1.6.3) from scratch with no previous installments, installed the pack the correct way and still an issue.

I'm going to assume your ISO differs from the one the majority of people have? Would you be able to add me on Discord so we can discuss? Would love to see if we can get this solved.


RE: Birth by Sleep HD ReMix Project V1 - AkiraJkr - 07-05-2018 05:28 PM

Well, the problem was resolved. The case is about the use of a bad ISO, which somehow doesn't match with the textures.ini. Everyone, before asking me that it isn't working, please review how you are getting your ISOs, I can't do anything about it.

RE: Birth by Sleep HD ReMix Project V1 - Devina - 07-09-2018 07:32 AM

Hi, I downloaded the latest version of Github, but a few elements aren't in HD.

For example, the in-game menu's "Menu", "Munny" and "Time" are still pixelated.
It's strange since I found a screenshot where it's HD here:

Also, the font for when you talk to people in the worlds is still pixelated.

If you need any help remastering any art, I'd be happy to try. Thanks for all your hard work.