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RE: Dante's inferno settings - LG Fanatic - 02-24-2018 09:34 PM

Dante's inferno is a graphically intense game. Your phone may not be powerful enough to play it smoothly without some tweaks. Try turning on auto frame skip. You can also try the latest developer build. It's using a new opengl threading code that should improve performance by quite a bit.

RE: Dante's Inferno - Ashrd - 11-16-2018 03:37 PM

I know this is outdated but i want to know how to disable the bloom in the game because it's really blinding me whenever i'm on combat. I'm new and I already search the internet for half of day and still no result. The game runs at 40fps but the bloom nearly makes the entire screen turn white.

RE: Dante's Inferno - Verymelon Benda - 11-24-2018 05:20 AM

Update PPSSPP v1.7.1 Build 171 and enable Virtual GPU Readbacks in compat.ini file, improve speed up a lot + fixed bloom issue Smile

Test video.

RE: Dante's inferno settings - Abbanon - 11-24-2018 08:48 AM


RE: Dante's inferno settings - LunaMoo - 11-24-2018 09:29 AM

WTF you're merging old main compatibility threads into random general discussion threads. That's not the first mistake like that on this forum. We have cwcheat threads merged into game compat threads(those should NOT be mixed), and other old threads merged into new threads(ie opposite it should be), this breaks links to older posts, it also creates more mess than it would otherwise stay by doing nothing:/.

RE: Dante's inferno settings - Rocket Slimebot - 04-17-2021 04:56 PM

pls on the next update, you guys fixed this..uh...flickering problem?
anyways thx, i just want to play this came casually without any disturbances Sleepy......