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RE: compiling direct x version - Arborea - 06-28-2014 02:14 PM

(06-28-2014 01:43 PM)Bigpet Wrote:  
(06-28-2014 12:46 PM)Arborea Wrote:  Advantages I am talking about are greater performance, modern graphical features not supported by DX9 and OpenGL ES and chance for more accurate emulation.

And our opinion is that we aren't starved for performance on DX12 cards (and as you said it's "possible performance" since it's not guaranteed to actually be faster for our usecase) and I don't know of any "features" in DX12 that we can't get through OpenGL extensions that would get us more "accurate emulation".
I didnt said its possible performance increase, some performance increase is given because of nature of Directx12 and WDDM 2.0 however I agree that modern GPUs arent exactly starved for performance in PPSSPP.
But removing cpu overhead and abstraction layer alone should help because consoles were always lower level than PC API's until now. Well Dirextx12 hardware features arent really known yet so you cant compare them with OpenGL at best you can compare Directx 11.2 features with OpenGL 4.4. Still even old Directx 11.0 is better than OpenGL ES 3.1.

(06-28-2014 02:10 PM)Raimoo Wrote:  
(06-28-2014 12:46 PM)Arborea Wrote:  You are one who is arrogant and hypocrite okay I understand you want Directx9 backend but thats not a reason to attack and insult me just because I suggested Directx12 and claiming that Directx9 is better than Dirextx12.
I understand Henrik will add what he want but PPSSPP is already working on Android so that goal was achieved long time ago. And by the way I am not even remotely rich myself but I rather save up some money than use ancient cpu/gpu which can cause subpar performance and graphical glitches.

I'm not being rude but you don't seem to understand the point of this thread and the purpose why we need to have DirectX backend support. You suggesting that DirectX 12 should be use merely because it can increase performance. But no, we need at least DirectX 9 to actually make it work for low end OpenGL devices, it's not about the better performance that we seek.

Yes you can save up to get a new GPU but unlike you we have other priorities to spend our money like food and stuff. Also different countries have different prices for the same GPU. Example, a GPU might cost $80 in US but in my country it's more expensive than that.

And no, not all Android devices can make PPSSPP run perfectly so it's still far from achieving his goal.

Well you are rude. I know what is purpose of this thread but right now I am discussing about merits of Directx12. I didnt suggest Directx12 just because of performance increase and I dont really have anything against Directx9 backend but in my opinion Directx9 or not Directx12 would still be useful. I am not american either and electronic equipment is damn expensive in my country. Making PPSSPP run perfectly on Android is very hard because Android as operating system wasnt really designed for high performance gaming , most of Arm cpus are pretty weak, mobile gpus have often buggy drivers and Android devices use OpenGL ES which is castrated version of real OpenGL not to mention PPSSPP doesnt run ''perfectly'' yet even on Windows.

RE: compiling direct x version - raintime - 07-01-2014 12:04 PM

Lets wait for master Henrik for this direct x backend Smile no more argument guys peace

RE: compiling direct x version - vixonitas - 07-26-2014 04:45 AM

Ok.. I'am just a newb and being an silent reader all this time.. and btw I'am not reach enough to buy a Graphic Card..
My Specs is Intel E5700 3.0ghz, DDR2 RAM 4.0gb, GMA 3100, with Windows 8.1 (I'am glad I can buy a Windows)..

The reason why "WE" (Most people in my place) searching PSP Emulator because we can't afford to buy it..

So Buying a new GPU that support OpenGL 2.0 its like the same with buying a new PSP or even 2DS System..

I'am Glad Master Henrik has reply Our need..

So I think.. so no more argue here.. just wait and peace.. Smile

RE: compiling direct x version - raintime - 07-26-2014 11:07 AM

That's right, Master Henrik is our last hope for the actual direct x backend support for psp, ive been waiting for his update, hopefully when he release it i would enjoy and be able to play my psp roms without missing graphics just like the angle port, i am so excited

RE: compiling direct x version - Clessy - 08-01-2014 05:50 PM

I didnt wanna read a 13 page topic but, im assuming nothing has come of this DX version right?

RE: compiling direct x version - TheDax - 08-01-2014 05:53 PM

There was a decent amount of progress up to like October 2013, but then the person primarily working on it stopped, and it's stagnated since then. It's hard to say when somebody might pick it back up. Hopefully once OpenGL is nearly finished/bug free.

RE: compiling direct x version - Clessy - 08-01-2014 06:45 PM

Welp hopefully in the future thats jumped back on. DX imho is obviously the better choice for Windows PCS. More optimized while not as portable.

RE: compiling direct x version - GuilhermeGS2 - 08-31-2014 01:00 AM

Hey guys, I'm seeing some dx9 features being added to the builds from buildbot, I tested on my PC but still doesn't work. Will PPSSPP allow dx9 emulation soon? Smile

RE: compiling direct x version - TheDax - 08-31-2014 01:26 AM

It's pointless to give it a serious try at the moment, as almost every game is broken (plus you can only use 1x window size). You can already try it though, by editing the ini. Just change GPUBackend to 1 instead of 0.

RE: compiling direct x version - GuilhermeGS2 - 08-31-2014 02:02 AM

For getting the ini file I need start the ppsspp by the first time, isn't it? So what to do if the emulator doesn't start on my PC because of the OpenGL version?

RE: compiling direct x version - TheDax - 08-31-2014 02:16 AM

..That's a good question. For now, it'd probably be best to use a default ini file. Here is one you can use (just create a new ppsspp.ini as appropriate, and copy this into it), edited only to enable Direct3D instead:

FirstRun = False
RunCount = 1
Enable Logging = True
AutoRun = True
Browse = False
IgnoreBadMemAccess = True
CurrentDirectory =
ShowDebuggerOnLoad = False
CheckForNewVersion = True
Language = en_US
ForceLagSync = False
NumWorkerThreads = 6
EnableAutoLoad = False
EnableCheats = False
ScreenshotsAsPNG = False
StateSlot = 0
RewindFlipFrequency = 0
GridView1 = True
GridView2 = True
GridView3 = False
ReportingHost = default
AutoSaveSymbolMap = False
TopMost = False
WindowX = 352
WindowY = 224
WindowWidth = 976
WindowHeight = 602
PauseOnLostFocus = False
PauseWhenMinimized = False
DumpDecryptedEboots = False
Jit = True
SeparateCPUThread = False
AtomicAudioLocks = False
SeparateIOThread = True
FastMemoryAccess = True
FuncReplacements = True
CPUSpeed = 0
SetRoundingMode = True
ShowFPSCounter = 0
GPUBackend = 1
RenderingMode = 1
SoftwareRendering = False
HardwareTransform = True
SoftwareSkinning = True
TextureFiltering = 1
BufferFiltering = 1
InternalResolution = 0
AndroidHwScale = 1
FrameSkip = 0
AutoFrameSkip = False
FrameRate = 0
FrameSkipUnthrottle = False
ForceMaxEmulatedFPS = 60
AnisotropyLevel = 4
VertexCache = True
TextureBackoffCache = False
TextureSecondaryCache = False
FullScreen = False
PartialStretch = False
StretchToDisplay = False
SmallDisplay = False
ImmersiveMode = False
TrueColor = True
MipMap = True
TexScalingLevel = 1
TexScalingType = 0
TexDeposterize = False
VSyncInterval = False
DisableStencilTest = False
AlwaysDepthWrite = False
TimerHack = False
AlphaMaskHack = False
SplineBezierQuality = 2
PostShader = Off
MemBlockTransferGPU = True
DisableSlowFramebufEffects = False
Enable = True
AudioLatency = 1
SoundSpeedHack = False
HapticFeedback = True
ShowTouchCross = True
ShowTouchCircle = True
ShowTouchSquare = True
ShowTouchTriangle = True
ShowTouchStart = True
ShowTouchSelect = True
ShowTouchLTrigger = True
ShowTouchRTrigger = True
ShowAnalogStick = True
ShowTouchDpad = True
ShowTouchUnthrottle = True
ShowTouchPause = True
IgnoreWindowsKey = False
ShowTouchControls = False
DisableDpadDiagonals = False
TouchButtonStyle = 1
TouchButtonOpacity = 65
ActionButtonSpacing2 = 1.000000
ActionButtonCenterX = -1.000000
ActionButtonCenterY = -1.000000
ActionButtonScale = 1.150000
DPadX = -1.000000
DPadY = -1.000000
DPadScale = 1.150000
DPadSpacing = 1.000000
StartKeyX = -1.000000
StartKeyY = -1.000000
StartKeyScale = 1.150000
SelectKeyX = -1.000000
SelectKeyY = -1.000000
SelectKeyScale = 1.150000
UnthrottleKeyX = -1.000000
UnthrottleKeyY = -1.000000
UnthrottleKeyScale = 1.150000
LKeyX = -1.000000
LKeyY = -1.000000
LKeyScale = 1.150000
RKeyX = -1.000000
RKeyY = -1.000000
RKeyScale = 1.150000
AnalogStickX = -1.000000
AnalogStickY = -1.000000
AnalogStickScale = 1.150000
AnalogLimiterDeadzone = 0.600000
EnableWlan = False
PSPModel = 1
PSPFirmwareVersion = 150
NickName = PPSSPP
proAdhocServer = localhost
MacAddress = e3:45:c1:54:b9:9d
Language = 1
TimeFormat = 0
DateFormat = 0
TimeZone = 0
DayLightSavings = False
ButtonPreference = 1
LockParentalLevel = 0
WlanAdhocChannel = 0
BypassOSKWithKeyboard = False
WlanPowerSave = False
EncryptSave = True
DisasmWindowX = 360
DisasmWindowY = 274
DisasmWindowW = 781
DisasmWindowH = 708
GEWindowX = 360
GEWindowY = 274
GEWindowW = 776
GEWindowH = 694
ConsoleWindowX = -1
ConsoleWindowY = -1
FontWidth = 8
FontHeight = 12
DisplayStatusBar = True
ShowBottomTabTitles = True
ShowDeveloperMenu = False
SkipDeadbeefFilling = False
FuncHashMap = False
PrescaleUV = False
DisableAlphaTest = False
UpgradeMessage =
UpgradeVersion =
DismissedVersion =
MaxRecent = 30

In the future, I would think the detection routines should fall back to Direct3D if OpenGL fails to initialise..

Also, it's best not to report bugs with this backend yet. It's still under heavy construction, and most games are broken, as I said.

RE: compiling direct x version - GuilhermeGS2 - 09-01-2014 01:43 PM

Thanks, I'll try it later. Smile

RE: compiling direct x version - Bigpet - 09-01-2014 04:05 PM

Btw. the only option relevant to changing the renderer is
RenderingMode = 1
. Also, you should probably avoid hardware transform with it for now.

RE: compiling direct x version - GuilhermeGS2 - 09-02-2014 07:16 PM

I tested it on my PC, but now I'm getting "PPSSPP stopped working", even disabling the hardware transformation.

RE: compiling direct x version - aki21 - 09-03-2014 07:30 AM

same thing as @guilhermegs2,on my netbook intel dx9,turn on rendering=1 solve the crash but what you see just black screen+it actually running the game(hear the sound though),but all you see just black screen,try on my laptop and it does boot without crash,and can play the game with 3d garbages.same ppsspp.ini does'nt work for my netbook,maybe there unsupported code I guess.whatever keep up the good work dev,i'm follow you from behindSmile