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GOD EATER BURST (Hotspot) Multiplayer - xboxmandude - 01-31-2018 08:32 AM

So I saw a video on YT of someone playing god eater burst multiplayer on ppsspp and decided to try it myself .

So its pretty simple it works.
I have a huawei honor 4 c and I'm using version 1.4.2 as the newer versions take out multithread and that slows my game down.

You're gonna need 2 phones... I plan on testing it with a laptop to phone later

Turn on one phones hotspot

So the first thing you wanna do is go into the game settings but don't launch the game.

Connect the phones via hotspot.
And in both the games use the IP address of the phone that's connected.

Enable both the check boxes in Networking tab
And also keep the offset thing to 0.

In the system tab you can leave everything as it is
Multi thread can be on too... Just make sure your CPU clock is 0 and change the I/0 method of both phones to "Host"

In the Graphics tab make sure you don't use frame skip as that may cause a disconnect.

Turn off all hacks except low res artifacts.

I used Skip buffered rendering on X2 PSP resolution. But I don't think that has any effect on multiplayer.

Oh yes and the connected phone is the host. Since you're using its IP

Oh lastly please make sure you lauch the host game first... Or you'll experience crashes due to the network trying to connect. And do not go into the menus of ppsspp or you will experience disconnects if you are both playing together.

Oh and keep cheats off...

I might make a video and post it on YT just to share it... This game and Dbz tag team are the only two games I've been able to play multiplayer on my phone with a bit of lag

Hope this helped

RE: GOD EATER BURST (Hotspot) Multiplayer - xboxmandude - 02-06-2018 06:14 AM

Tested this between my laptop and phone using the phones hotspot and it is working at full speed.
I also tested it between v1.4.2 the latest version for those who might be using the older 1.4.2 and it runs just fine. I used version 1.5 on my laptop and 1.4.2 on my phone.

RE: GOD EATER BURST (Hotspot) Multiplayer - xboxmandude - 02-07-2018 05:58 PM

Tested 3 device co op with two android phones and a laptop using one phones hotspot and the laptop as the host. Game works 100% speed with no lag or disconnects.

RE: GOD EATER BURST (Hotspot) Multiplayer - Arido - 03-19-2018 04:12 AM

When you turn on the android hotspot, will you have to turn on the data packet too?

RE: GOD EATER BURST (Hotspot) Multiplayer - xboxmandude - 03-19-2018 01:59 PM

No you don't u can keep your mobile data off it works without it