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Crash Tag Team Racing EU - just_in_deed - 01-19-2018 02:34 AM

This game used to work fine for me in the past previous PPSSPP builds, now with the newest builds it just keeps at saving screen ( memory card ).

For some reason I can't post images in this forum?

what am I doing wrong?

version used: PPSSPP v1.5.4-376-g3aca9e3ca

Title Crash Tag Team Racing
Genre maybe racing?
Region EU
Format ISO
Version IDK
Compatability (used to be Perfect)

I found a work around, basically I disabled the option of Memory card inserted within PPSSPP menu then started the game and until the pop up message "you don't have any memory card inserted system needs atleast 488kb in memory card to save data, continue anyways?" then picked yes, after that I saved the game state at the game menu, then stopped the emulation and activate the enable the option Memory card inserted, restart the game and load the previously saved state, get into the game's menu, create a new profile for the game and save and voilá the game now works fine Big Grin