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Fifa 18/14 PPSSPP Black Screen - LeaperStone - 11-12-2017 10:30 AM

Fifa 18 on PSP is just a modded version of FIFA 14 by GamerNafz. Ok, let me tell my point! When I download the FIFA 18.iso with textures and save data, the download is success. I followed his instructions how to apply it, textures, savedata, etc. And checked all of permissions. But when I select the game on PPSSPP, It shows black screen with no controllers in it. It's not an ordinary black screen that can be solved. I tried all the settings but it doesn't work. The game just worked when I removed the textures! Gamernafz says that I need to post on this forum because my phone is not famous.

Name: Firefly Mobile Aurii Secret 4G
CPU: Mali-T720
Cores: 8

Please fix this!