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Prince of Persia : Revelations - RockingVJ - 11-09-2017 09:55 AM

Title - Dahaka Chase Black Screen issue
Genre - Action , Hack and Slash , Puzzle
Region - USA
Format - ISO
Version - Don't know I downloaded this game from emuparadise (USA) one , PPSSPP VERSION - 1.4.2
GAME ID - ULUS100630000
Issue - Ingame
Logs - as attachment
I don't know what logs are so , I just took ppsspp.ini
And copied data there , I guess it has old logs (whatever ) so I deleted that , and played the game gone there where the glitch / black screen happened then go the refreshed one and uploaded here

OS - I am using Android , Redmi Note 3 Pro 3gb version , PPSSPP Version 1.4.2

Now let me explain this

I was playing the game normally and continuously I liked it to , I was familiar with this game before too so I know all combats and buttons , when I reached
Southern Passage - Present , I know there was Dahaka Chase , I jumped of the gap and reached the gate like in the pc version when I reached a black screen appeared like hell all I can hear the voice of prince that "Dahaka is here" something like this with a black screen after 16 seconds I was able to see prince's health and gauge only on top right corner only nothing more but a black screen like the screen shot I posted , then what , I searched the internet about this nothing helpful , I guess posting here would be good. So please I beg you guys please really love this game , I will do every thing for this . Thanks in Advance

RE: Prince of Persia : Revelations - Sidsoumya - 11-30-2017 02:23 PM

You have to play the game on buffer rendering mode
and untick the disable slower effects option,now it will work but as you should know that it will make the game slow but fix the bug when the scene end again you can set the disable slower effects option. BTW I also love this game ? .Good luck.☺