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[Solved]Toggle speed overclock computer CPU ram? - dmotion - 10-22-2017 05:40 AM

Hi guys

First thanks for the great work to create ppsspp. I really enjoy it on pc Windows platform. Awesome project!

For RPG I have been using the toggle speed function intensively to fast forward the game. I did switch between two speeds quite often. Everything worked well until one day my laptop screen started flickering. software diagnostics show that my RAM failed. This laptop thinkpad t570 is about to hit 1yr milestone which I think it's relatively new. So I didn't expect this would happen.

I am pretty dumb in it hardware, and no offend here but just wonder if speeding up the game could pose any potential issue on computer RAM CPU?


RE: Toggle speed overclock computer CPU ram? - TkSilver - 10-22-2017 04:52 PM

PPSSPP (at any speed) dose not effect RAM any different then any other program on your laptop. It copies values into RAM and it reads values out of RAM. If it is running faster then there is the possibility of more data being read into and out of RAM, but that woukd happen with any program that needed data at the same speed. Also PPSSPP uses very little overall RAM due to the way it works and the limited RAM of the emulated system (PSP).

Now if your laptop has insufficient cooling then maybe the extra heat from running PPSSPP in turbo mode might have worn down and damaged the RAM since high heat can do damage to RAM. Since it is a lenovo I would highly recomend using a hardware monitoring program to get internal tempratures, since they have had issues with heat under load in the past.

RE: Toggle speed overclock computer CPU ram? - dmotion - 10-22-2017 10:17 PM

Thanks for your clear answer. Think I will monitor the temperature going forward. Hardware nowadays is inexpensive, its the hassle to do the investigation that makes the trouble. Happy gaming!