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RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - x004438 - 04-18-2014 03:39 PM

(04-18-2014 09:09 AM)x004438 Wrote:  
(04-17-2014 10:08 AM)LunaMoo Wrote:  You're welcome.

Well the potion effect does not add more info, but this is still possible in this game, with armor skills, so it's enough to disable checks for those skills, try this code I just made:
_C1 Show Monster
_L 0xE0015FA8 0x0185E610
_L 0x219698A4 0x34020080

This one will show stuff as maxed psychic(ie colored monster shape not just circle), not sure about capture info through, I think it was other skill, I'll check it later.

Thanks a lot, that was it!

Perfect, it also shows when the monster is weak by blinking in a dark red colour.

I have it activated along with the Autodetect one. Should I leave this one on or off? I see the addresses are not the same.

Thanks again, I will not get tired of repping you Big Grin

Oh sorry, you were right!

The skill I was searching was Capture guru (+10 Perception skill)

RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - kayden - 04-19-2014 05:20 AM

Does anybody have the code for barrage piercing?

RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - LunaMoo - 04-19-2014 01:06 PM

Instead of creating 1 cheat for every single skill effect I decided to port a script to rule them all and make a few smaller cheats I posted earlier pretty much obsolete:

_C0 Skill Effects
_L 0xE0ss0034 0x100A6FA0   <---- this line is not required, but recommended if you want to use more skills and experience ppsspp freezes
_L 0x200A6FA0 0x0A200034
_L 0x200000D0 0x3C030880
_L 0x200000D4 0x90620139
_L 0x200000D8 0x10020006
_L 0x200000E0 0x54A2FFFC
_L 0x200000E4 0x24630002
_L 0x200000E8 0x2463FFFF
_L 0x200000EC 0x0A229BF9
_L 0x200000F0 0x90620139
_L 0x200000F4 0x0A229BEA
_L 0x200000F8 0x00801821
_L 0x200A6C0C 0x0A200040
_L 0x20000100 0x3C030880
_L 0x20000104 0x90620138
_L 0x20000108 0x10020005
_L 0x20000110 0x5445FFFC
_L 0x20000114 0x24630002
_L 0x20000118 0x0A229B11
_L 0x20000120 0x10050003
_L 0x20000128 0x0A229B05
_L 0x20000130 0x0A229B0E
_L 0x10000zzz 0x0000xxxx   <---- skill line 1
_L 0x10000zzz 0x0000xxxx   <---- skill line 2 etc.

ss = 0x15 + number of skill lines, for example if you would want to add 10 skills it would be 0x15+0xA = 0x1F
zzz = 0x136+2*number of skill line (just remember that this is hexadecimal value)
xxxx = skill:
you can just google translate this:P
0201 毒無効
0202 毒倍加
0303 麻痺無効
0304 麻痺倍加
0405 睡眠無効
0406 睡眠倍加
0507 気絶確率半減
0508 気絶無効
0509 気絶倍加
060A 泥&雪無効
070B 隠密
070C 挑発
080D 体力+20
080E 体力+50
080F 体力-10
0810 体力-30
0911 回復速度+1
0912 回復速度+2
0913 回復速度-1
0914 回復速度-2
0A15 業物
0A16 なまくら
0B17 切れ味レベル+1
0C18 心眼
0D19 見切り+1
0D1A 見切り+2
0D1B 見切り+3
0D1C 見切り-1
0D1D 見切り-2
0D1E 見切り-3
0E1F 砥石使用高速化
0E20 砥石使用低速化
0F21 ガード性能+1
0F22 ガード性能+2
0F23 ガード性能-1
1024 ガード強化
1125 オートガード
1226 装填速度+1
1227 装填速度+2
1228 装填速度+3
1229 装填速度-1
122A 装填速度-2
122B 装填速度-3
132C 反動軽減+1
132D 反動軽減+2
132E 反動軽減+3
132F 反動軽減-1
1330 反動軽減-2
1331 反動軽減-3
1432 通常弾・連射矢UP
1533 貫通弾・貫通矢UP
1634 拡散弾・拡散矢UP
1735 通常弾全LV追加
1836 貫通弾LV1追加
1837 貫通弾全LV追加
1938 散弾LV1追加
1939 散弾全LV追加
1A3A 徹甲榴弾LV1追加
1A3B 徹甲榴弾全LV追加
1B3C 拡散弾LV1追加
1B3D 拡散弾全LV追加
1C3E 状態異常攻撃+1
1C3F 状態異常攻撃+2
1C40 状態異常攻撃弱化
1D41 属性攻撃強化
1D42 属性攻撃弱化
1E43 ボマー
1F44 腹減り半減
1F45 腹減り無効
1F46 腹減り倍加【小】
1F47 腹減り倍加【大】
2048 まんぷく
2049 拾い食い
214A 攻撃力UP【小】
214B 攻撃力UP【中】
214C 攻撃力UP【大】
214D 攻撃力DOWN【小】
214E 攻撃力DOWN【中】
214F 攻撃力DOWN【大】
2250 防御力UP【小】
2251 防御力UP【中】
2252 防御力UP【大】
2253 防御力DOWN【小】
2254 防御力DOWN【中】
2255 防御力DOWN【大】
2356 精霊の加護
2357 悪霊の加護
2458 耳栓
2459 高級耳栓
255A 盗み無効
265B 広域化+1
265C 広域化+2
275D 運搬の達人
285E 火耐性【小】
285F 火耐性【大】
2860 火耐性弱化
2961 水耐性【小】
2962 水耐性【大】
2963 水耐性弱化
2A64 雷耐性【小】
2A65 雷耐性【大】
2A66 雷耐性弱化
2B67 氷耐性【小】
2B68 氷耐性【大】
2B69 氷耐性弱化
2C6A 龍耐性【小】
2C6B 龍耐性【大】
2C6C 龍耐性弱化
2D6D 暑さ無効
2D6E 暑さ倍加
2E6F 寒さ無効
2E70 寒さ倍加
2F71 風圧無効
2F72 風圧完全無効
3073 採取+1
3074 採取+2
3075 採取-1
3176 高速収集
3277 精霊の気まぐれ
3278 神の気まぐれ
3279 悪霊の気まぐれ
327A 悪魔の気まぐれ
337B 幸運
337C 激運
337D 不幸
337E 災難
347F 探知
3480 自動マーキング
3581 体力回復量UP
3582 体力回復量DOWN
3683 調合成功率+20%
3684 調合成功率+45%
3685 調合成功率-10%
3686 調合成功率-20%
3787 最大数生産
3888 回避性能+1
3889 回避性能+2
388A 回避性能DOWN
398B 火事場力+1
398C 火事場力+2
398D 心配性
3A8E アイテム使用強化
3A8F アイテム使用弱化
3B90 ランナー
3B91 鈍足
3C92 装填数UP
3D93 ブレ抑制+1
3D94 ブレ抑制+2
3D95 ブレ抑制-1
3D96 ブレ抑制-2
3E97 早食い+1
3E98 早食い+2
3E99 スローライフ
3F9A 剥ぎ取り達人
409B 耐震
419C 回避距離UP
429D 抜刀術【技】
439E 罠師
449F 体術+1
44A0 体術+2
44A1 体術-1
44A2 体術-2
45A3 捕獲達人
45A4 捕獲名人
46A5 捕獲の見極め
47A6 集中
47A7 雑念
48A8 抜刀術【力】
49A9 属性やられ耐性
4AAA 不屈
4BAB 連発数+1
4CAC こやし玉名人
4DAD 抗菌
4EAE 毒ビン追加
4FAF 麻痺ビン追加
50B0 睡眠ビン追加
51B1 強撃ビン追加
52B2 接撃ビン追加
53B3 笛吹き名人
54B4 砲術師
54B5 砲術王
55B6 力の解放+1
55B7 力の解放+2
56B8 ハンター生活
57B9 鉄面皮
58BA 火属性攻撃強化+1
58BB 火属性攻撃強化+2
58BC 火属性攻撃弱化
59BD 水属性攻撃強化+1
59BE 水属性攻撃強化+2
59BF 水属性攻撃弱化
5AC0 雷属性攻撃強化+1
5AC1 雷属性攻撃強化+2
5AC2 雷属性攻撃弱化
5BC3 氷属性攻撃強化+1
5BC4 氷属性攻撃強化+2
5BC5 氷属性攻撃弱化
5CC6 龍属性攻撃強化+1
5CC7 龍属性攻撃強化+2
5CC8 龍属性攻撃弱化
5DC9 斬裂弾追加
5ECA 減気ビン追加
5FCB 弱点特効
60CC 破壊王
61CD KO術
62CE スタミナ奪取
63CF 納刀術
64D0 スタミナ急速回復
64D1 スタミナ回復遅延

This script injects skill codes inside functions which check which skills you have, without actually adding those skills, meaning you will be able to have many skills effects(through I would advise agains't adding too many, just in caseTongue) without replacing any of the ones you normally have without cheating.

Soo for example if we want 3 skills: Outdoorsman (56B8 ハンター生活), Autotracker(3480 自動マーキング), Capture Guru(46A5 捕獲の見極め) to just get a map and extra monster info displayed on it we want to add 3 skill lines, resulting into whole cheat looking like that:
_C0 Skill Effects
_L 0x200A6FA0 0x0A200034
_L 0x200000D0 0x3C030880
_L 0x200000D4 0x90620139
_L 0x200000D8 0x10020006
_L 0x200000E0 0x54A2FFFC
_L 0x200000E4 0x24630002
_L 0x200000E8 0x2463FFFF
_L 0x200000EC 0x0A229BF9
_L 0x200000F0 0x90620139
_L 0x200000F4 0x0A229BEA
_L 0x200000F8 0x00801821
_L 0x200A6C0C 0x0A200040
_L 0x20000100 0x3C030880
_L 0x20000104 0x90620138
_L 0x20000108 0x10020005
_L 0x20000110 0x5445FFFC
_L 0x20000114 0x24630002
_L 0x20000118 0x0A229B11
_L 0x20000120 0x10050003
_L 0x20000128 0x0A229B05
_L 0x20000130 0x0A229B0E
_L 0x10000138 0x000056B8
_L 0x1000013A 0x00003480
_L 0x1000013C 0x000046A5
@x004438 ^that's something which you want I guess. Shows a full map, an extra monster shaped colorful icon on it which also blinks(to white) when monster can be captured. 3in1. You can disable those previous codes if you use this.


@kayden you can just use unlock equipment shop cheat I posted on like previous page, earrings are under helmets at the very end of the list.


And here's another little cheat ported on request:
_C0 Clear Quest
_L 0xE0015FA8 0x0185E610
_L 0x017B2CD4 0x00000003

RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - x004438 - 04-19-2014 06:28 PM

Wow, what a great post from you, Luna!

Thanks a lot!

RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - kayden - 04-20-2014 04:44 AM

Wow these are great stuff, now i dont have to farm a monster a thousand times for a piece of rare drop, thanks and keep'em coming! Big Grin

RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - makotech222 - 04-20-2014 04:09 PM

Damn Luna, best cheat ever! thanks for sharing it.

RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - x004438 - 04-21-2014 03:06 PM

Hey Luna, Would it be possible to modify the counter of quests, hours and monsters killed/captured?

RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - LunaMoo - 04-22-2014 01:13 AM

@x004438 statistics are all simple values, easy to make cheats for:

_C0 Time Played
_L 0x21754544 0xSSSSSSSS
where SSSSSSSS = seconds

//Quests Cleared:
_C0 Village
_L 0x117A82D0 0x0000QQQQ
_C0 Low Rank
_L 0x117A82D2 0x0000QQQQ
_C0 High Rank
_L 0x117A82D4 0x0000QQQQ
_C0 Training
_L 0x117A82D6 0x0000QQQQ
_C0 Hot Spring
_L 0x117A82D8 0x0000QQQQ
where QQQQ = number of quests cleared

//Weapons used:
_C0 GS
_L 0x117A86C0 0x0000WWWW
_C0 S&S
_L 0x117A86C2 0x0000WWWW
_C0 Hammer
_L 0x117A86C4 0x0000WWWW
_C0 Lance
_L 0x117A86C6 0x0000WWWW
_C0 HB
_L 0x117A86C8 0x0000WWWW
_C0 LB
_L 0x117A86CC 0x0000WWWW
_C0 LS
_L 0x117A86CE 0x0000WWWW
_C0 SA
_L 0x117A86D0 0x0000WWWW
_C0 GL
_L 0x117A86D2 0x0000WWWW
_C0 Bow
_L 0x117A86D4 0x0000WWWW
_C0 DB
_L 0x117A86D6 0x0000WWWW
_C0 HH
_L 0x117A86D8 0x0000WWWW
where WWWW = number of times edit: didn't noticed earlier, but basically those times used weapon codes are only for quests, I completely forgot about training having other statistic for this :3.

//Monsters hunted, captured and their max/min sizes:
_C0 Rathian
_L 0x117545AE 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x11754644 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x117546DA 0x0000MINS
_L 0x11754770 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Rathalos
_L 0x117545B0 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x11754646 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x117546DC 0x0000MINS
_L 0x11754772 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Qurupeco
_L 0x117545B2 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x11754648 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x117546DE 0x0000MINS
_L 0x11754774 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Gigginox
_L 0x117545B4 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x1175464A 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x117546E0 0x0000MINS
_L 0x11754776 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Barioth
_L 0x117545B6 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x1175464C 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x117546E2 0x0000MINS
_L 0x11754778 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Diablos
_L 0x117545B8 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x1175464E 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x117546E4 0x0000MINS
_L 0x1175477A 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Deviljho
_L 0x117545BA 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x11754650 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x117546E6 0x0000MINS
_L 0x1175477C 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Barroth
_L 0x117545BC 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x11754652 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x117546E8 0x0000MINS
_L 0x1175477E 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Uragaan
_L 0x117545BE 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x11754654 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x117546EA 0x0000MINS
_L 0x11754780 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Great Jaggi
_L 0x117545C4 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x1175465A 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x117546F0 0x0000MINS
_L 0x11754786 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Great Baggi
_L 0x117545C8 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x1175465E 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x117546F4 0x0000MINS
_L 0x1175478A 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Gold Rathian
_L 0x117545CA 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x11754660 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x117546F6 0x0000MINS
_L 0x1175478C 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Royal Ludroth
_L 0x117545CC 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x11754662 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x117546F8 0x0000MINS
_L 0x1175478E 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Silver Rathalos
_L 0x117545D0 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x11754666 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x117546FC 0x0000MINS
_L 0x11754792 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Agnaktor
_L 0x117545D2 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x11754668 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x117546FE 0x0000MINS
_L 0x11754794 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Black Diablos
_L 0x117545D4 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x1175466A 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x11754700 0x0000MINS
_L 0x11754796 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Black Tigrex
_L 0x117545DA 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x11754670 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x11754706 0x0000MINS
_L 0x1175479C 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Alatreon
_L 0x1175479E 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Jhen Mohran
_L 0x117547A0 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Green Nargacuga
_L 0x117545EC 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x11754682 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x11754718 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547AE 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Zinogre
_L 0x117545FC 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x11754692 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x11754728 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547BE 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Amatsu Magatsuchi
_L 0x117547C0 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Arzuros
_L 0x11754600 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x11754696 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x1175472C 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547C2 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Lagombi
_L 0x11754602 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x11754698 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x1175472E 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547C4 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Volvidon
_L 0x11754604 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x1175469A 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x11754730 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547C6 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Great Wroggi
_L 0x11754606 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x1175469C 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x11754732 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547C8 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Duramboros
_L 0x11754608 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x1175469E 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x11754734 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547CA 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Nibelsnarf
_L 0x1175460A 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x117546A0 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x11754736 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547CC 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Crimson Qurupeco
_L 0x11754612 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x117546A8 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x1175473E 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547D4 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Baleful Gigginox
_L 0x11754614 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x117546AA 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x11754740 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547D6 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Sand Barioth
_L 0x11754616 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x117546AC 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x11754742 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547D8 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Jade Barioth
_L 0x11754618 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x117546AE 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x11754744 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547DA 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Steel Uragaan
_L 0x1175461A 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x117546B0 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x11754746 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547DC 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Purple Ludroth
_L 0x1175461C 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x117546B2 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x11754748 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547DE 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Glacial Agnaktor
_L 0x1175461E 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x117546B4 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x1175474A 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547E0 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Tigrex
_L 0x11754620 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x117546B6 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x1175474C 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547E2 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Nargacuga
_L 0x11754622 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x117546B8 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x1175474E 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547E4 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Akantor
_L 0x117547E6 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Ukanlos
_L 0x117547E8 0x0000HHHH

_C0 Bulldrome
_L 0x11754628 0x0000CCCC
_L 0x117546BE 0x0000MAXS
_L 0x11754754 0x0000MINS
_L 0x117547EA 0x0000HHHH
HHHH = number of times hunted
CCCC = number of times captured
MAXS = maximum size in %
MINS = minimum size in %
Few monsters can only be hunted, that's why they have only 1 line of code, you can also remove lines you don't want to change for any other monster.

Oh and ofc all values for the cheats are in hex;p.

It's much quicker to use CE for such stuff than cw cheats at least on windows, so here's my cheat table:
Edit: updated it with some extra options which I was lazy to do by cw cheats, including group quest stats and awards(yea I know there was a cheat to add all awards already, but mine allow to edit any set we want properly explaining how it's stored and as an extra allows changing last award icon and description, I mean people might actually cheat to restore their lost stuff not just to unlock allTongue).

Stuff that still cannot be edited: - card background(depends on quests cleared:C, so no way of changing it without adding/removing cleared status from quests unless I accidently manage to find a function which does run that check and break it;p) and friends cards data, since that's bothersome even through CE and adding imaginary friends would be pretty sad to begin with ;o.

Another Edit:
_C0 G.Card Background
_L 0x017A833B 0x0000000x
//where x:
//0 Skin of Bamboo(Tea),
//1 Wood painted in red,
//2 Aoashira(blue),
//3 Jinohga(light blue),
//4 Amatsumagatsuchi(white)
Not really a statistic change;p, it's also just temporary code ~ doesn't save or anything, but I still like a choice of what I see when I open GC and since other codes are concentrated on GC, I'll dump it here.

Edit: ages later ~ added Win 10 workaround to the cheat table - all windows have a bug with mapped memory which will cause "???" and potentially crash from freezing(win7) or from simple change in value(win10) - activating that before other scripts should solve this problem.

RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - kayden - 04-22-2014 04:36 AM

Has anybody figured out the moon jump code by any chance? Big Grin

RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - LunaMoo - 04-22-2014 05:32 AM

There's really nothing to figure out, it's simple variable changing code:
_C0 Bug Jump
_L 0x10E49A5C 0x00003E00
_L 0x10E49986 0x00004200
Frankly I don't understand why anyone would want to activate this. There's absolutely nothing interesting out of the places we can normally go, no easter eggs or anything, at best very low quality content making up the background at worst which will happen more often I guess since the game is very minimalistic you will jump over or through those objects and land in water seeing nothing but the endless blue.

Also, forget about key activation, it's not implemented, this has to be activated and deactivated through cheat menu.

Ages later edit:
Key activation was implemented(at least for simple variable changing cheats like this), so here's an edit to that:
_C0 Bug Jump (L+R)
_L 0xE0035FA8 0x0185E610
_L 0xD0000002 0x10000300
_L 0x10E49A5C 0x00003E00
_L 0x10E49986 0x00004200
Still don't see any fun in glitching through stuff and landing under mapTongue, but if anyone does, can do it now by pressing keys.
Requires new git builds(or 0.9.9+ in case someone reads it later).

RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - Dkuchjc - 04-22-2014 05:33 AM

Anyone have defen code for MH3rdHD(NPJB-40001),i really need one ^^~!,just x2 enough,thx....

RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - kayden - 04-22-2014 07:16 AM

Oh i was just hoping that it lets me reach the secret area :O

RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - x004438 - 04-22-2014 07:55 AM

Seriously Luna, you are a master!

Thank you so much for your time and explanations.


RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - LunaMoo - 04-22-2014 10:50 PM

@Dkuchjc catch:
_C0 Defense x
_L 0x200A81B8 0x0002xxxx
_L 0x200A81C0 0xA62202D4
//where xxxx can be for example:
//1040  for 2x
//1080  for 4x
//just add 0x40 for higher multipliers(all are power of 2)
_C0 Restore Defense
_L 0x200A81B8 0xA62202D4
_L 0x200A81C0 0x00000000

/updated the CT for statistics slightly

RE: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD - x004438 - 04-23-2014 12:45 PM

(04-22-2014 10:50 PM)LunaMoo Wrote:  updated the CT for statistics slightly

Thanks for the update (although it worked flawlessly before).

I would like to ask if there is a way to erase the training quests record times (for both beginner quests -Arzuros, Royal Ludroth...- and challenge quests -MHFiesta01, 02...-).

The reason is that I would like to do them solo with each weapon, and record the times (as I did them with 3-4 people in the past, there is no way I can do them in a less time and the solo records are then not saved). I suppose that injecting some zeroes to the address where the quest slots are located would be enough (I do not have the faintest idea but it sounds cool Big Grin)

Thanks again!