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Best Med Resolution for PPSSPP - sixthday6 - 08-02-2017 06:15 AM

Hello there, firstly I want to list down my specs.

(just tell me if you need more details!)
Core i7-7500 (2.70GHz)
Nvidia Geforce 920MX

I tried playing God of War and it isn't a good result even though I have a pretty good specs, btw im using laptop. The sound is choppy but the gameplay is doing fine just some lags.

I tried searching for some best settings and actually got here, I applied the settings written down on a topic posted here, but it became more laggy and the fps went down to like 15fps/30 (i refrained it from going more than 60fps).

Please give me the best settings for my laptop and PPSSPP, not only for playing GOW but also playing other games!

RE: Best Med Resolution for PPSSPP - GuilhermeGS2 - 08-04-2017 06:57 PM

Your specs is more than enough to play PPSSPP. Check if your drivers are update, if performance mode is enabled in energy settings. What API are you using? Which thread have you seen for best settings? Try change between Direct3D11 and OpenGL, Direct3D11 will provide better performance due to lower CPU usage, OpenGL has the better compatibility because is the original PPSSPP API. Vulkan would be a good choise, also reduce the CPU usage a lot, if you have any CPU bottleneck, probably will be solved, but I don't believe it's your problem, my old Core i7 2630QM can run GoW at full speed with Direct3D11.



RE: Best Med Resolution for PPSSPP - Pisoj001 - 10-05-2019 08:15 PM

Hey i have the same problem.
Whatever setting i put it its choppy and laggy.

I have an Acer Nitro Gaming Laptop.
It should be more than enough.