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PPSSPP Running on Xbox One :) - Ploggy - 06-30-2017 08:12 PM

PPSSPP Running on Xbox One (DEV mode enabled) Via UWP.

It's possible to play PPSSPP (and other Emulators too) on Xbox One as long as you have the Xbox Dev Mode enabled. You can get Dev mode on Any Xbox One Console, all you need is either be a Student (with a Student Email) or $20 Smile Once you have Dev Mode you can switch between that and Retail Mode.

You can even play PSP Homebrew Emulators too, as long as they're converted to PSP ISO format. Smile

RE: PPSSPP Running on Xbox One :) - RedWolfProgrammer - 10-21-2021 06:01 PM

Hey, I'm aware it's been a while (and I'm appalled there's no replies), but is there a link to this port, or perhaps a tutorial on how to port newer versions to Xbox?

My Dev mode is already set up with a couple different emulators, but I'd love to get PPSSPP on there as well.