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God Eater Burst video issue - kamenrider13 - 06-12-2017 01:00 AM

Hello everyone if you are reading my thread thank you, anyway let us cut to the chase I am using a psp emulator ver 1.4 on my laptop and I have a issue(well not really a big issue though) with my god eater burst game and that's the opening cutscenes,special move and tutorial vids don't render just a black screen ,It used to play I think when i 1st played but now it doesn't , I dont have any issue on the gameplay itself but still I wish to see the vids running again for its kinda uncomfortable not too see these vids running on the awsome emulator this team has made! Pls let me now if there is a fix!

PS:Should I use the new version and this may help solve the problem? Pls I need you help thank you,ありがとうございますBlushWinkBig Grin!!!