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1.4 freeze one second - Josetrujillo - 04-28-2017 08:12 PM

When im playing MHFU, sometimes FPS drop to 00 like one second, and i dont know why, any idea?

RE: 1.4 freeze one second - LunaMoo - 04-29-2017 09:44 AM

I'll answer your PM here as there might be more confused people who read this:
- this forum to filter out spam(which was a huge problem in the past) requires manual acceptation of the first post from moderator.

Anyway, for a problem with fps dropping to 0, I would consider mostly 3 cases:
1. Texture scaling - it's very heavy, especially methods other than basic xBRZ even more with high scaling and while ppsspp does spread it over multiply frames, it could still cause some freezes on slower hardware.
2. Cheats that write a lot/very often, I think this might only affect very long cheats that messes up with JIT like some of those HP display cheats for MH games, it's very easy to edit such code adding a check to stop it from rewriting same things over again, but unfortunately people on PSP rarely cared about quality of their cheats and almost never included such checks. Disabling some of those cheats without using any special "OFF" or "[Disable]" code might still keep them running without rewriting the game every tick so that's one way to work around it, another would be to set refresh rate in cheat menu to a much higher number ie 1000 so it only refreshes them once per second.
3. Running games on PC from a basic storage HDD might cause such problem when they turn off to conserve power due to temporary inactivity, when game requests new data at later time a moment might pass before such hdd spin's up again effectively causing a short freeze. Using "cache full iso to ram" setting under system settings would help in such case - if you have enough ram, otherwise moving it to less power saving HDD, SSD or a pendrive would also help.

RE: 1.4 freeze one second - Josetrujillo - 04-29-2017 11:47 PM

Mmmm... i have the antialiasing from x16 to 0 now, using the xbrz
i dont use cheats, so i dont think that make diference and im running PPSSPP from a HDD of 300 gb
I have a RX460 of 1 fan and with 4gb, but its rare, before the 1.4 i have played all good, but with 1.4 i have these problems...

RE: 1.4 freeze one second - LunaMoo - 04-30-2017 02:09 PM

In the distant future texture scaling might be done via per-texture shader, currently through it's processed on the cpu so can't say if you can use it based on gpu and that feature can ocassionally get extremely heavy even for top end hardware to begin with, so I would still recommend trying to disable it completely.

HDD size doesn't say anything about it, so again - try to cache full iso into ram using option in the ppsspp's system settings in case that was the problem.

I can't reproduce any freezes in MHFU on my system, I'm not using 1.4 through, so try updating to latest ppsspp version. If you're using OGL backend, you should also try different one like D3d11, since newer amd gpu's might still have buggy OGL drivers with unknown side effects.

The only other thing I can think of which could cause freezes would be dumping textures(especially combined with texture scaling), but that's off by default, you can make sure in settings->tools->dev tools, near the bottom of that screen if you have "Save new textures" activated, just disable it. Standard hdd's are definitely too slow to dump large amounts of textures without problems.

Edit: BTW if by chance your mention of "antialiasing" wasn't about some forced driver AA, but about PPSSPP - which doesn't have such setting and AA is done at best via downscaling shaders combined with high render res - you probably confused it with "anisotropic filtering":P, in which case just leave that to 16x, texture filtering is very light on pc's and that particular method does improve quality of distance textures under some angles by quite a lot.