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Oreimo Portable Disc 1 (NPJH50568/ULJS00358) HD UI Texture Pack - Slightly Apathetic Mio - 03-09-2017 01:08 AM

This texture pack replaces (~40) basic UI textures for the original Oreimo Tsuzuku Portable (ULJS00358) and the later edition Oreimo Portable Disc 1 (NPJH50568). Portraits, items, or any non-dialouge (because of how the game dumps this) haven't been changed. I first created the pack for Oreimo Disc 1, copied the textures over to Oreimo Tsuzuku, and redumped the first few textures I saw that weren't replacing, so Tsuzuku should have every texture replaced that Oreimo Disc 1 has. While the 1080p pack has the textures scaled down for 1080p monitors to save on size, the 1440p pack has the original edited textures (usually x5 the size of their original), which means a few aren't fully scaled down to save space for 1440p monitors. I don't know if I'll get around to making one for the second disc. Read me included for installing.

Note: Because most of the textures in this pack are replaced using their clut hash to save line space and myself time, it's highly recommended to use PPSSPP v1.3-749-gdf0d768 or later. This means there could maybe be a texture that changes multiple textures instead of one, but I don't think that'll happen

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Oreimo Disc 1 (NPJH50568) - 1080p
Oreimo Disc 1 (NPJH50568) - 1440p

Oreimo Tsuzuku (ULJS00358) - 1080p
Oreimo Tsuzuku (ULJS00358) - 1440p

Here's some links to the pack with a texture for the dialouge text, but it's pretty finicky.

Oreimo Tsuzuku (ULJS00358) - 1080p (v1.1)
Oreimo Tsuzuku (ULJS00358) - 1440p (v1.1)