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AT3 to MP3 - ZeroX4 - 02-15-2017 01:55 PM

as i was recently trying to find easier way to convert at3 files to mp3
and all i found is gold wave and sonic stage solutions which require additional stuff

i found media coder

doing it just fine by it self and just wanted to share it if anyone would ever need it

RE: AT3 to MP3 - TkSilver - 02-15-2017 06:40 PM

I remember this program..... used to use it to convert video files for my ipod touch 1st gen and psp. I think it also used to handle those odd formats older cellphones (pre touchscreen) played.

RE: AT3 to MP3 - ZeroX4 - 02-15-2017 06:45 PM

well i have cell phone with keypad and im not ashamed to admit it!!!
anyway i found this program by accident and in fact it have so sh!7 ton of formats to convert "from" and "to" i was like omg wtf

but most important aspect it just works i dont need to search for any additional codecs or install some stuff i dont want to

RE: AT3 to MP3 - vnctdj - 02-20-2017 07:27 PM

Oh, I remember using this software many years ago ! Smile
The number of formats it supports is amazing, that's for sure.