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Bad fps on adroid - BigBoyArthur - 12-11-2016 02:03 PM

Doesnt matter what display resolution i have even if i have it on 5x it will run the same as 1x same fps im using lg g3 and i tried it on monster hunter and disgaea both have fps drops any way to fix it?

RE: Bad fps on adroid - TkSilver - 12-11-2016 04:23 PM

If you are running the LG G3 and not the LG G3S or (even worse) the LG G3 Stylus or the LG G3 Screen (really LG..... any LG G3 besides the orriginal one with nothing after it...), then you will want to check ppsspp performance thread

Personally for Disgaea 2 (and 1) I run
Buffered rendering with simulated block transfers (might not be be needed)
Frameskipping of 1 with the auto box checked

Psp resolution of 3x
hardware resolution of 2x
And everything under performance checked besides retain changed textures
Bezier curves quality is high

I have no filtering or shaders on (more of a personal prefrence)

And under hacks only texture coord speedup is checked

I have fast mem Set to on
Multithreaded is off
IO timing set to fast
And psp clock speed is auto

You can try this as a base and then try adjusting from there. Hopefully this gives you better results.