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Ridge Racer 2 (UCES00422) Repacement UI Textures - R-Type Leo - 11-23-2016 08:16 PM

I'll dump what I've been working on but it's incomplete and partially broken. I don't know how to fix the problems because certain elements such as the lap times and so on during a race each have a different hash for every combination of track and car. That's a ridiculous amount of combinations to even consider finding.

Nearly everything was made with Illustrator. I copied from one of the game soundtracks which had some nice speedomoters on the inlay [Image: 16010_859212.jpg]
and traced the rest. The spedos have alternate colours for tunnels. I made all of that stuff unaware that they were also in RR6.. But I don't have it or know how to extract the textures anyway.

I've probably quit on this now, it's a lot of time and effort for something I don't even play and I doubt many others do, either. You're free to try and make it work, to add to it or do whatever, like incorporate into RR1.

Install instructions: Drop the unrared folder into your PPSSPP\memstick\PSP\TEXTURES folder.

A few screenshots of changes (when it's working):

Main Menu (with strange line through it, don't know what that is)
[Image: 3lsjydd.jpg]

Some elements done on these menus, too
[Image: 9m80I7A.jpg]

[Image: TdXBhdk.jpg]

Soldat speedometer (somehow looks blurry here but it's not) and time UI elements (which are the difficult, broken things I mentioned in the first paragraph)
[Image: Uvcpn6k.jpg]

Age speedo (now Age Solo)(with old rev light on top, not in the right place)
[Image: paR1YoB.png]

Kamata speedo
[Image: O3Y2JXp.png]

Assaulto speedo (I tried to disable the AT/MT but couldn't figure out why it didn't work)
[Image: VSLUFXF.png]

RE: Ridge Racer 2 (UCES00422) Repacement UI Textures - DinJerr - 11-24-2016 03:07 AM

These look stunning, I think I have to find a copy of RR2 to try it out.

RE: Ridge Racer 2 (UCES00422) Repacement UI Textures - R-Type Leo - 11-24-2016 03:11 AM

Wow, stunning, thanks. Well I hope you can get them to work. There's no guarantee with any of it.