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Audio is choppy - Ralexa - 11-01-2016 04:46 PM

Every so often in a game the audio will po. when that happens the fps drops significantly before correcting itself. it started doing this on version 1.2 i figured upgrading to v.1.3 would fix it but it seemed to make it worse. Please if anyone can help me fix this it'd be very much appreciated

RE: Audio is choppy - LunaMoo - 11-01-2016 08:06 PM

Stop spamming and begging for attention, this is a forum, not a chat room also nobody works here. More to that you posted in wrong section as your problem has nothing to do with developement.

As for your issue - you're confused and wrong. It's not "sound problem" that causes your fps to drop, it's fps drops that causes the sound problem. PPSSPP is an emulator, it doesn't just run some sound files in the background, it emulates games which then decode audio on their own, meaning if you can't emulate the game at full speed from start to finish, sound will be breaking that's completely normal and expected behaviour.

To fix it, you can try one or more of the following:
- drop down any graphic enhancement settings,
- use audio sync in audio settings(it might help, but only with smaller fps drops),
- use frameskip,
- use speedhacks(which most of the time will break/disable graphics),
- buy more powerful hardware that can handle whatever game you're trying to run.

Each game and even moments in same game will have different requirements, it's just natural that you'll not be able to run every game on every device even if the game you're trying to run does not look like it should as many "simple" looking games tend to use some stupid techniques to draw their graphics and can be insanely hard to emulate.
Then we also have lots of graphic enhancing features which at least in some more demanding games could easily kill performance even on most powerful desktops.

Also the reason for fps drops as you upgrade to newer ppsspp is simple - more stuff is emulated and/or it's done more accurately. We have an option in graphic settings called "disable slower effects" which will do as it says and disable some of the heaviest effects(restoring old bugs as well). There are lighter things which add's up as well that can't be disabled, so if you forever plan to stay on outdated hardware, you should also consider forever using outdated emu versions, nobody forces you to update and most performance improvements will happen from new technology provided by new hardware anyway since ppsspp is already well optimized and can't really do much better.

RE: Audio is choppy - Ralexa - 11-01-2016 08:45 PM

That's all I was looking for. I'm new to using forums. I apologize

RE: Audio is choppy - omar2345X - 07-07-2021 03:54 PM

is there any other way to fix chopped sound on 2gb ram pc?