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Unable to play in portrait mode - craven5000 - 10-27-2016 01:15 AM

Galaxy S7 - Android v6.0.1
PPSSPP v1.3.0.1

I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have used PPSSPP successfully on this phone in the past. There has been at least 1 OS update since then.

I haven't played because I thought the emulator broke. When I tap on the game file.cso I get a message saying "Unable to find application to perform this action." I finally Uninstaller the emulator and reinstalled it. It worked once but the game was in landscape mode. I exited and got the original message. Also, since I have been trying to use the emulator in portrait mode I wasn't seeing the games and home brew tabs. When I changed the view to landscape I was able to launch the game from that start up menu but the game was in the landscape mode. I want to play the 20th anniversary Final Fantasy game in portrait mode so the buttons and my large thumbs don't obscure the view.

I use to play the game in portrait mode. How can I do that again? I've got to be missing something simple.

The emulator has been great. Your efforts and skills are appreciated!