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android version some questions - tort0 - 09-29-2016 09:01 PM

i have some questions about android version, im playing Final Fantasy Type-0 and im curious can i play it multiplayer somehow? when i tried to log into multiplayer section i wasnt able and on missions in game when i used "online" backup game sayd that my psp isnt connected to network, then i went into ppssspp setting and enabled everything from "networking" section and now im able to go to multiplayer room in game, but i waited there like 2 hours and there wasnt any help requests, so i started a mission on online mode and went "idle" for 1 hours... still no one im curious is it possible to play this game multiplayer? i dont know if i must change port or mac address in networking settings or no, maybe someone have fft0 and we might try to connect to each other?