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SD card storage not found - Tbagnz - 08-19-2016 10:17 PM

Hey everyone,

This is my first attempt at emulating my PSP on my Samsung Xcover 3.
The first issue I have run in to is that my device has minimal internal storage (I can only fit one PSP ISO at a time due to their size). So I am trying to store games and the PPSSPP files on my SD card. They copy fine and I can run PPSSPP from SD card and see my games using the phones file explorer.
However, when I boot PPSSPP it shows the "Home" folder, being the internal "/storage/emulated/0/" which shows a PSP folder but nothing inside the "GAME" folder (where i copied all my ISO's).
I assumed this was possibly just a residual image of the internal storage so attempted to navigate to the root folder, found an "sdcard" folder. On opening this it shows an almost exact replica of "/storage/emulated/0/" - It does not show the actual contents of my SD card when I look at my file explorer there are only like 5 folders...? Either way, both PSP folder, GAME, shows empty... I cant figure out how to make it display the contents of my SD... Anyone able to assist? I have enabled all access rights for the game, double checked, this includes access to the SD card...
I have attached a screenshot of the view in /sdcard/psp/game/


OK, looks like I may have just found the answer to my own question.

After googling around for a few hours I have found that the root SD card folder is not in fact /sdcard/ (go figure...) however its /storage/[SDCARDNAME]/

Currently trying to move all my iso's around again and will test this theory.

RE: SD card storage not found - TkSilver - 08-19-2016 10:50 PM

Welcome to the wonders of an open OS where each manufacturer tweeks the OS just a little.

External storage can have many many many different names deoending on android version, or manufacturer, and sometimes even which device line it is in (looking at you Samsung).