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PPSSPP keeps crashing on subtitles during gameplay - Abdrahman - 08-05-2016 04:22 PM

First i had the ordinary ppsspp 1.2.2 and it worked perfectly for some time but then after plenty of gameplays this error came up , everytime i start a game in the emulator and subtitles show the emulator crashes and i get a message
"Unfortunately ppsspp has stopped" also it crashes whenever In-game subtitles show up this usually happens with heavy games like god of war and crash mom i am using a samsung galaxy s7 edge exynos,i tried variable solutions like clearing ram, transferring ppsspp data usage to sd card , upgrading to ppsspp gold but nothing of them worked, however when i transferred all the isos from the external storage to internal one , the emulator worked pefectly for a couple of days, but the same error later returned, now the emulator crashes more than before it wheras it works perfectly on my brother's HTC desire 816G its important also to mention that all of this started to happen after i plugged my phone into pc and was trying to move a 6gb file from pc to sd card but when the copying was about to finish i got a pc message" cannot copy xxx.iso the device stopped working"...... options "skip this file" or "cancel" . However despite having not been copied 6 Gb were already occupied from my SD . Thanks in advance and i am really expecting a solution on this forum my phone is way too high and is supposed to handle the emulator.

RE: PPSSPP keeps crashing on subtitles during gameplay - Fahaddar65 - 08-09-2016 05:37 AM

Hmm well mine has a issue too and that is on playing heavy games the emulator stops by exiting itself to the home screen it happens on vames like smackdown vs raw 2006 and 2007 + prince of Persia + splinter cell essentials and i have to say this is a bad report for ppsspp on android well all i can say is that we have to wait for it to work on new softwares etc lollipop and marshmallow