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MHFU - Can't play with more than 2 players - kenpled - 07-01-2016 05:39 PM

Hello there,

My friends and me are trying to play mhfu using ppsspp v1.2.2 and even after following a bunch of guides we can't seem to make it work with more than 2 players.

We can join the hall with no issue but when starting a quest 2 of us always get kicked from the team (it happens a lot it seems).

What we've done so far :
1 - set up hamachi server
2 - all change our ad hoc pro IP to the IP of one of our party member
3 - activate WLAN
4 - activate the built-in ad hoc pro server
5 - checked that our mac addresses are different
6 - set our port to 2620 (we all have this port on hamachi, I didn't see any specific talk about this on th net)
5 - uncheck the fast memory option
6 - disable firewall on all of our computers
7 - we tried the 25% trick (all toggle-on the slow-mo at the start of the loading)

I've seen that playing 3 players isn't possible bu we tried 4 players anyway, so it shouldn't be the issue.

I didn't find any recent guide so I assume that mhfu multiplayer should be quite stable right now but we still can't make it work.

Should we try to set up our own ad hoc server ? I don't really know how to do this and can't really understand the guides I found (and I'm not too sure about which is compatible with ppsspp).

Well, if someone has a solution, something that we didn't try I'd be really happy and thankfull to hear about it. Thanks !

RE: MHFU - Can't play with more than 2 players - tywald - 07-02-2016 01:04 AM

Have you tried have someone else pick up the quest? For some people, disabling anti-virus has helped(maybe it has a built-in firewall). Pretty recently in our Evolve party had a similar problem but after disabling McAfee it worked.

You don't need to do the 25% speed trick anymore since v0.9.8-890-g1445d5a.

It's usually either:
1) Fast Memory not turned off for someone(however you said everyone did right?).
2) Firewall isn't configured properly or turned off(easiest solution) - or other 3rd party programs that can block incoming and outgoing connections, preventing you to host.

RE: MHFU - Can't play with more than 2 players - kenpled - 07-02-2016 10:15 AM

Okay, I guess it should be related to this kind of anti-virus-integrated firewall, My friends aren't really good with computers but Iknow they can uncheck an option on a game =) .

Anyway, thank you, I'll be coming back here to tell you more.

Oh wait ! Yesterday two of our party members couldn't be quest leader even when playing two players (these guys didn't deactivate their firewalls), so after deactivation it worked perfectly (they could be quest leaders). But still no chance with 4 players. I'll try to check if any of them has something that could be it...

EDIT : Still doesn't work with all antivirus deactivated, this is getting frustrating...

RE: MHFU - Can't play with more than 2 players - tywald - 07-03-2016 04:39 PM

How is the ping? Bad things happen when it's 400ms+ ping.

There aren't that many tricks to it, usually when I do it, it magically works. Is it only 1 person that breaks off or does everyone do it? Usually if fast memory is turned off for everyone and you host the quest, only the quest leader breaks off because his firewall is blocking while the rest stays in the quest just fine.

Double check fast memory for everyone again, it has to be off. You can get away with the firewall if someone can be "quest leader" but the others will have to solo their urgents in that case.

RE: MHFU - Can't play with more than 2 players - kenpled - 07-03-2016 08:28 PM

Everytime we tried, two of us got kicked and ended up in the quest alone while the leader and another one stayed together.

Same thing everytime, whatever we tried

RE: MHFU - Can't play with more than 2 players - tywald - 07-04-2016 11:37 AM

Ok, that means the "leader" and that other guy were fine so you can focus on the other two then. What happens if one of them and the leader goes in, and the others sits out? Does that guy still break or will he stay with the leader? And if you add another person so you become 3 will he now start to break off? If he does, then the only conclusion I have is that guy has Fast Memory turned on, if it works with 2 people for him but not when it starts with 3.

RE: MHFU - Can't play with more than 2 players - kenpled - 07-04-2016 03:46 PM

Actually, it's not always the same persons that breaks off. It depends on who hosts the quest.

For example there are a,b,c and d player.

If "a" hosts, he will always end up in quest with "b".
If "b" hosts, he will always end up in quest with "d".
and so on...

Everyone of us can play 2 players and can host quests for a 2 players team.
But from the moment we are more than 2 in the quest the quest leader ends up with only one person.

I'm absolutely certain that my fast-memory option is turned off and I still get kicked-off depending on who's hosting.

RE: MHFU - Can't play with more than 2 players - tywald - 07-04-2016 06:07 PM

Does the party split up into 2 groups after the loading? i.e if "a" hosts, he ends up with "b" and "c" ends up with "d". I have seen that happen a few times as well, usually when ping is very high (400ms+) but we usually just retry in that case and most of the times it works.

Can you confirm if the other 3 you are playing with have their fast memory turned off as well? They should maybe either take a screenshot of it or send their config file to you so you can check that way. Sometimes people can be wrong if they just assume it's off when it's not Tongue

If you tried everything then maybe you can try your luck in our Evolve party:,party:L5fuksYOCYQWJh_i
The group is not just MHFU, it's all MH games although virtually nobody plays Freedom 1. I would say it's 70% MHP3rd and 30% MHFU.

We have been playing 2, 3 and 4-man groups daily for over 2 years now. Maybe you can test your setup with us there?

I think I have shared everything I know, if it still doesn't work then maybe try with a clean install / a different PC. If it works for us then it should work for you as well.

RE: MHFU - Can't play with more than 2 players - kenpled - 07-04-2016 08:51 PM

Well, I do have a friend I can't really trust on weither he did really deactivate the fast memory option or not, but another did his whole config for him so I believe all of us have done this right at least.

Being split in two groups of 2 never happened, always the host + 1 and two who are alone.

My PC is already a clen install (the baby is 2 months old). So I guess I'll go with you idea of testing my config in your evolve party, thanks a lot for that, and for all the replies and time you took to take me out of this !

Is it alright if my friends come and try their configs as well ?

EDIT : Thank you Tywald ! I just tried now with a friend of mine and a guy from the evolve party, It worked perfectly fine ! No issue !