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For Hendrik : To Support Development - ket_kul - 03-23-2013 06:39 PM

While waiting for people to buy ppsspp gold, why don't you maximize the adsense earnings on the site and on the forum?

As I can see now its only one Ad unit per page.
I know Google allowed to display 3 Ad Units, 2 link units and one custom search engines on each website page.

Maybe you can add more advertisement like some of my site.

But I think you should consider of this two tips :
Quote:1. Regular users don't click.
Regular users of your forum are their to talk to other people not click your advertisements. Once you accept this and move on you'll be better off. I tested this several times by the following:
- showing ads to all users
- showing ads to only users referred to the site
- showing ads to only users not logged in.
The results were that regardless of who I displayed the ad's to I always received the same number of clicks. With this in mind I chose to stop showing ads to logged in users all together.

2. Position the ads right.
Use the heatmap over in the google optimization tips page. It works.
Maybe add one link unit on the top of the site and ad unit marked as advertisement between each post like in xda could increase your earning

Sorry for my rudeness and I Hope this will help.
And again thanks for the great work Big Grin