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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker EU - [ULES-01372] - iPPSSPP - 06-01-2016 11:49 AM

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker EU - [ULES-01372]

_C0 Max GMP per Head
_L 0x200366A4 0x0A200440
_L 0x20001100 0x3C020001
_L 0x20001104 0x03E00008
_L 0x20001108 0x3442869F
_L 0x20030384 0x0A200444
_L 0x20030388 0x00000000
_L 0x20001110 0x3C020001
_L 0x20001114 0x3442869F
_L 0x20001118 0xAC820038
_L 0x2000111C 0x03E00008

_C0 Max Intel
_L 0x20031210 0x240204E2

_C0 Max Medical
_L 0x20030F40 0x240204E2

_C0 Max Mess Hall
_L 0x20030DD8 0x240204E2

_C0 Max R&D
_L 0x200310A8 0x240204E2

_C0 Max Place
_L 0x20030AC0 0x240204E2

_C0 Time Always 00:00:00
_L 0x20015F34 0xAE000034

_C0 Max Defense/Combat
_L 0x20030C4C 0x2402270F

_C0 Max Fight
_L 0x200308D0 0x240204E2

_C0 Team Max Life: 25000
_L 0x20030474 0x240261A8

_C0 Team Max Psyche: 25000
_L 0x20030664 0x240261A8

_C0 100% Camoflauge
_L 0x1017DF54 0x00001000

_C0 All Items Developed
_L 0x20049B98 0x00000000
_L 0x20049B9C 0x24020003
_L 0x20049BA0 0xAC820004

_C0 All Weapons Developed
_L 0x200487D4 0x00000000
_L 0x200487D8 0x24020003
_L 0x200487DC 0xAC820004

_C0 Infinite Ammo
_L 0x20101EDC 0x24050000

_C0 Infinite HP
_L 0x20110004 0x24050000

_C0 Infinite Items
_L 0x200FE308 0x24130000

_C0 Max Reload
_L 0x200309C8 0x240204E2

_C0 Max Run Speed
_L 0x200307D8 0x240204E2

_C0 Max Shoot
_L 0x2003094C 0x240204E2

_C0 Max Throw
_L 0x20030A44 0x240204E2

_C0 Max Walk Speed
_L 0x20030854 0x240204E2

If you want a CWCheat code, just ask! Wink

RE: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker EU - [ULES-01372] - Jackrushante - 08-31-2017 11:57 AM

hello, i was looking for an instant development code, i found this code for the jpn version, any chance to get it working on EU version?

_C0 Instant Research
_L 0xE0080004 0x00845F0C
_L 0xE0070004 0x00845F18
_L 0x20840D98 0x24050002
_L 0x20845F10 0x8C620004
_L 0x20845F14 0x5053010F
_L 0xD0000002 0x10001000
_L 0x20840D98 0x24050003
_L 0x20845F10 0x24100003
_L 0x20845F14 0x5000010F