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What is the adhoc base port? - Kikinaak - 05-30-2016 08:56 PM

That is, what port range do I need to be forwarding on my router?
I have searched the forum. I do not want to use hamachi or tunggle. This should be in the faqs, but isnt.

RE: What is the adhoc base port? - Accel - 05-30-2016 10:41 PM

Anything above 1200? I think?
Im not a port/networking expert, so, sorry if I got it wrong

RE: What is the adhoc base port? - tywald - 05-31-2016 09:25 AM

Most likely 27312

RE: What is the adhoc base port? - nc50lc - 06-01-2016 12:31 PM

(01-09-2015 11:19 PM)AdamN Wrote:  
(01-09-2015 08:36 PM)lumune Wrote:  
(01-09-2015 08:31 PM)Bigpet Wrote:  Every game can use whichever ports it wants, ppsspp does not remap ports, so there's nothing stopping games from using anything it wants in the full 1-65535 range

Really? I've done some testing here and it started from TCP 1025, i'm also talking about coldbird (, don't know if it makes any difference from running PRO Adhoc Server on your machine (other than the need to port-forward/open TCP 27312) to

It would be much easier if PPSSPP assigned just 1 port for all games. Ugh... maybe the easiest alternative for those who cannot enable DMZ is to do a port-forward from port TCP 1025 to 65535.
27312 is the port used by AdhocServer, while the game use their own port to communicate each other directly

AdhocServer only tells the IP(&MAC) of joining/leaving player to other players, while the game will connect directly (peer to peer) using the IP list they got from AdhocServer,
if AdhocServer also broadcast the port mapping info we can avoid using port < 1024

It would also be nicer to have UPNP support in ppsspp Smile

RE: What is the adhoc base port? - AdamN - 06-02-2016 05:10 AM

As what i posted before 27312 is used by AdhocServer, while the game may have varies of ports (most of them are below 1024 which are privileged ports on most system), so you will also need to forwards those specific ports used by specific games.

You can set Port Offset to higher than 1024 to prevent games using privileged ports.

For compatibility (and less trouble Big Grin ) it's better to use VPN/tunneling service than directly forward the ports on your router (if you don't want to enable DMZ due to security reason), since VPN/tunneling software usually using a consistent port.