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Movie Record/Rerecord/Playback and TASing tools? - Shinoda - 05-03-2016 06:00 AM

Are any Movie record/rerecord/playback or general TASing tools in the works for PPSSPP? The emulator already have a slowdown and rewind feature which is a great start but I'd like to be able to mess around with some TASing tools for fun, game bug research and making interesting TAS videos.

RE: Movie Record/Rerecord/Playback and TASing tools? - crystal - 06-27-2016 02:10 AM

Ooh, I'd love to see that. It's a shame apparently nobody here cares enough to reply to such things.

RE: Movie Record/Rerecord/Playback and TASing tools? - [Unknown] - 06-27-2016 06:34 AM

I'm not very familiar with TAS, what's really needed? I'm not sure what "rerecord" means... I assume record/playback essentially means recording external inputs (e.g. controller input), and being able to replay said input from the same state (e.g. start timestamp, random seed.) I'm not sure if it necessarily involves built-in video recording features.

I think what's needed for PPSSPP to have better TAS features is for someone with a strong interest in TAS to try their hand at contributing a little code (with help, for sure, from people already contributing.)


RE: Movie Record/Rerecord/Playback and TASing tools? - crystal - 07-01-2016 01:17 AM

Well... it'd definitely be hard for someone not familiar with TAS features to implement them. But yes, rerecording is basically that. You have an option to record inputs (controller/keyboard inputs), and then be able to replay them afterwards. The thing is that rerecording emulators allow you to save/load state freely while recording the inputs, and any input made after the state load will automatically be deleted. This allows many possibilities like people producing the perfect movie when human skills are just not enough.

An .avi dumping feature comes in hand if you want to upload your movie to the web. It's true that you can use external recording programs such as Fraps, but screen recorders are generally not good because they only record what they see, and that includes lag/hiccups or the like. When an emulator has a built-in .avi dumping feature on other hand, the movie is dumped in uncompressed format perfectly, so even if the emulator lags during the dump, it doesn't matter because the .avi file will still be written 100% lagless.

I'm not a developer, so I can't add TASing features myself. But there are some folks over that could certainly help with it. Since PPSSPP is open source, maybe they could get around to implement the features eventually. But maybe not right away since they're already working on some other stuff...

RE: Movie Record/Rerecord/Playback and TASing tools? - CowHax - 02-20-2017 02:39 PM

Bump >.>

RE: Movie Record/Rerecord/Playback and TASing tools? - Ernesta - 07-20-2020 06:38 AM

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