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Android emulator - ZeroX4 - 03-06-2016 01:09 AM

i still have keyboard cellphone so im not into android but today i found something called Nox APP Player which is android emulator

i was playing android game marvel future fight with 60 fps for few hours well more or less this and other games i checked works smooth and emulator if its easy to use for someone like me who never used android it will be easy to use to any 1 who have android smartphone

we are all here cause we want to play on pc or android something that was not meant for pc or android but im not making this post to advertise nox im doing it cause someday i will need to switch to smartphone and i would like if by that time ppsspp would work on android as good as it works on pc

i noticed u can download ppsspp to nox so maybe there is a way to use ppsspp on nox i just dont know how cause i cant find where games are installed so i dont know how would you select isos in ppsspp but MAYBE if it is possible it will help test games on ppsspp so it will help fix bugs and improve overall compatibility


nox have option called simulate touch screen which allows you to bind on screen moves or screen press places (bad english here) to keyboard

so in other word u can click on any place on the screen and then ad keyboard shortcut to that place or with using mouse draw a line and bind that move to any keyboard key

so more or less analog movements are not doomed and ur not locked with only mouse clicks


i tested so far in marvel future fight and even i did binds for moving in all directions with analog i was not able to move cross way like north-east or south-west and so go on semi-workaround for it would be binding all 8 directions to numeric keyboard at last for analog

when u choose "simulate touch" option there is function "direction control" (2nd option from the left on top bar) which is bind to W,A,S,D and works fin in every game u can even re-size it if movements do not works correctly but only game i needed to do so was dark legends

RE: Android emulator - ZeroX4 - 03-06-2016 12:51 PM

ok so there is option "in options" to turn on root which allows you to drag and drop any file to virtual memory/sdcard

and i was able to launch ppsspp and select game it was super collapse 3 but all i get was black screen

and from all things i got problems launching ppsspp so well i give up

at last it works sometimes

RE: Android emulator - GuilhermeGS2 - 03-07-2016 12:24 PM

Cool! I already use Bluestacks, gonna test this later.

RE: Android emulator - ZeroX4 - 03-07-2016 01:50 PM

i remember i had big problems with bluestacks i just dont remember what was wrong with it well anyway as i can compare my experience from bluestacks to nox the conclusion would be nox is far more straightforward i just hope it can benefit to ppsspp somehow