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[Solved] PPSSPP 1.1.1 black screen on launch - dope111 - 12-25-2015 10:59 PM

When I run PPSSPP the screen goes black
I have W7 version and i'm not english, please answer.

RE: PPSSPP 1 .1.1 - [Unknown] - 12-26-2015 03:10 PM

Try to update your graphics drivers. Or change the "Graphics Backend" to "Direct3D9" and see if it works any better.


RE: PPSSPP 1 .1.1 - dope111 - 12-26-2015 06:53 PM

How to change to direct3D9?

I've a netbook acer aspire one D270

RE: PPSSPP 1 .1.1 - [Unknown] - 12-27-2015 03:33 AM

In the Settings menu, there's an option for "Backend".


RE: PPSSPP 1 .1.1 - dope111 - 12-27-2015 03:51 PM

Now, When I run ppsspp , the emulator is in full screen and I can do nothing

RE: PPSSPP 1 .1.1 - [Unknown] - 12-27-2015 04:56 PM

Do you see menus? If you don't, Alt-Enter can make it not full screen anymore.

If you do, try going into the Settings menu and change Window Size to 1x PSP.


RE: PPSSPP 1 .1.1 - dope111 - 12-27-2015 06:00 PM

alt+enter doesn't work, PPSSPP is locked on full screen

RE: PPSSPP 1 .1.1 - vnctdj - 12-27-2015 08:29 PM

Maybe try to press F11 ?

RE: PPSSPP 1 .1.1 - dope111 - 12-27-2015 09:11 PM

Toujours pas, la seule chose que je peux faire c'est ouvrir le gestionnaire des t√Ęches pour quitter l'√©mulateur

RE: PPSSPP 1 .1.1 - vnctdj - 12-30-2015 08:57 PM

(Please speak in english as we are not in the international part of the forum.)

Have you updated your graphics drivers as [Unknown] told you earlier ?
If yes, and nothing changes, you can try to switch GPU backend directly in the config file, given that you can't use the UI :
Close PPSSPP, then go to "\memstick\PSP\SYSTEM", open the "ppsspp.ini" file, find the "GPUBackend = 0" line and edit it to "GPUBackend = 1".

RE: PPSSPP 1 .1.1 - dope111 - 12-31-2015 04:14 PM

Thank you , that's work!!

RE: PPSSPP 1 .1.1 - dope111 - 12-31-2015 05:41 PM

But, why the game is very slow??

RE: [Solved] PPSSPP 1 .1.1 - vnctdj - 01-01-2016 07:40 PM

Thread's title edited.

(12-31-2015 05:41 PM)dope111 Wrote:  But, why the game is very slow??

This is a different issue.
Anyway, maybe this thread can help you Smile

RE: [Solved] PPSSPP 1.1.1 black screen on launch - NiKmam3013 - 10-11-2021 06:18 AM

hello after 2 years i recently reinstall the ppsspp 1.12.2 and after that i install the nfs most wanted 5-1-0 (europe region) and carbon own the city in the ppsspp but when i run the game the black screen appears and nothin' happens i tested the gpubackend in memstick but its dosen't work even i reinstall the vc but it dosen't work again im rly stuck but i played this games in 2 years ago in ppsspp its worked fine but now its stuck ConfusedConfused