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JXD Singularity S192 - milkydude12 - 10-15-2015 05:36 AM

I was wondering if anyone knows if this will be able to run wind waker (dolphin emulator) at decent speeds. The GPU is the Tegra K1 and its got 2 gb of ram

RE: JXD Singularity S192 - heiwasan - 10-15-2015 11:09 AM

I don't know about JXD, but Wind Waker is spetacular! Find a way to play it if it dosen't run in this!

RE: JXD Singularity S192 - milkydude12 - 10-15-2015 08:36 PM

i own wind waker for the GameCube but I'd prefer to play it on the go

RE: JXD Singularity S192 - brujo55 - 10-16-2015 04:23 PM

No, dolphin emulator now support ARM64 bits only!!

tegra K1 is 32bit so no way.